WNXP Nashville Launches Today

WNXP-FM, Nashville’s Music Experience, launches at 4 p.m. Eastern today. This new music discovery station will serve as a platform for new and emerging artists and incorporate a fusion of indie rock, urban alternative, electro pop and pop alternative.

Look Who’s Talking

Radio Ink's Forecast has always been about predicting the future based on data points and trends. 2020 changed everything, bringing to mind a quote from Alan Kay that "the best way to predict the future is to invent it."

The Day Radio Drama Died

It's 1960, network radio, in particular CBS, was starting to feel the pressure from affiliates who were starting to become more interested in local programming. Personality driven, DJ music programs were peaking and local stations wanted more time that they could sell locally.

Update Your Show Prep Before It’s Too Late

(By Loyd Ford) We all know that what you place between the songs makes a difference for radio brands. Otherwise programmers wouldn’t spend significant time working on imaging and making certain that the on-air elements of the brand are supported in a positive way.

Rockin’ Robin: A Radio Legend Tribute

(By Art Vuolo) Every now and then TV bows to Radio. Such is the case with a special documentary which will showcase Detroit’s legendary Robin Seymour. Often regarded as the local version of Dick Clark with his popular teen dance show called “Swingin’ Time.”

Spontaneity; The Missing Ingredient

(Mike McVay) When you think about what’s missing from radio today, many things may pop into your brain, but among that list for me is spontaneity. That’s one of the critically important elements that winning stations have and the rest of the platform does not.

Bikes Collection Big In Nashville

The 96.3 JACKfm’s (WCJK) Bikes or Bust event was a big success. Hundreds of new bikes will benefit Toys for Tots this Christmas.


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Cumulus Abilene Host Suffering From COVID

JB Cloud, afternoon host at KBCY-FM in Abilene, has been hospitalized for more than a week. He was sick with double pneumonia, then bronchitis and now he has COVID. Cloud has been unable to work for three weeks and friends have set up a fundraising site HERE to help cover expenses.

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Radio Ink is celebrating 100 years of radio with a special coffee-table issue of Radio Ink Magazine. Pages and pages of radio executives commenting on how radio has survived for 10 decades. Plus special columns from Randy Michaels, Art Vuolo, Publisher Deborah Parenti and others, and a special feature on KDKA. Get your copy HERE before they run out.

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November 9, 2020

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