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GeoBroadcast Responds to “Disingenuous” NAB Filing

In a letter filed with The FCC Tuesday, GeoBroadcast Solutions hit back against the NAB's latest attempt to thwart its technology which, if approved, would allow broadcasters to hyper-target local content to communities for several minutes per hour.

Rush Hoping For Extra Innings

After being off from his syndicated show last week Rush Limbaugh was back on the air yesterday and gave an update on his health. In February Rush announced he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and has been dealing with treatments ever since.

iHeartMedia Expects To Emerge In Early 2019

On Monday, iHeart announced some good news regarding its bankruptcy proceeding. The company says it has received overwhelming creditor support for its plan to reorganize. iHeart filed for chapter 11 protection back in March and is expected to emerge in 2019 with 50% less debt, knocking off $10 billion.

Newspaper Builds Podcast Technology

The Washington Post’s Research, Experimentation and Development team has developed a technology called Rhapsocord, which inserts ads automatically into podcasts. According to the website Ad Exchanger, Rhapsocord automatically identifies pre-roll, midroll and post-roll spots, inserts ads and updates the files.


(By John Garziglia) In a fact pattern worthy of a law school exam question, an IRS employee calls the Howard Stern Show and is put on hold. The IRS employee on a different line takes a call from a taxpayer while on hold with Howard. The Stern Show picks up, hears the IRS employee talking with the taxpayer and puts the conversation on the air live. The law school question is … in how many ways might the Howard Stern Show be civilly and criminally liable?

50 Years Of The CMAs And Radio Will Prime The Pump 

The 50th Annual CMA Awards will air live on Wednesday, November 2, 8-11 p.m. on ABC. And radio will get things rolling in advance with a two-hour special on ABC Radio, October 28.

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