Rush Hoping For Extra Innings


After being off from his syndicated show last week Rush Limbaugh was back on the air yesterday and gave an update on his health. In February Rush announced he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and has been dealing with treatments ever since. Here’s what he had to say yesterday.

Rush told his million of listeners that the first two attempts to deal with the cancer failed and he’s in the bottom of the 9th inning. The third attempt to beat back the cancer is apparently showing better results as Rush stated he managed to get on base and he’s hoping to make it all the way home and shoot for extra innings. “As many of them as we can get,” he added.

Rush said the latest treatment has been much better than the first two. He said he felt good over the weekend but admitted things can change rapidly. “I have good days and bad days. My energy level is great. I’m confident this is going into extra innings.”


  1. Let me say first that I am no Rush Limbaugh fan. There are a lot of things over the years that he has said that causes me pause and are frankly antithetical to what I believe. However, I do not wish ill will upon this man. I pray that during this time, that he find solace in his life and if he has not, grow closer to god. We are all destined to judgment and no one really knows how or when that will happen. Nevertheless, through god all things are possible and Rush if he truly has not been saved, can save himself now if he turnes his life over to god. Its never too late so long as his eyes are open on this earth. With that said, I ask that god comfort you and your family during this time and I pray that god’s will with respect to your life be done.

  2. Limbaugh is a cancer on our society and once he and Trump and some of the sub players are gone, maybe this country can heal. Sad a man made money off of the pain of others. Sad, he spewed vile rhetoric to spread hate and division and made money from that, totally disgusting. You are Anti American. Anti Christian. A nasty cancer that this country needs to purge.

    • Like others of your ilk, you project, and blame others for what are your own shortcomings.

      If you hate Rush so much why in the hell are you on this site and such a prolific hate-spewing poster? Obviously you have no friends, and nothing else to do with your pitiful, self-hating life.

    • Ann Moore (or less)…. We need to name a new Cancer after you. Oh yea. How about Annal Cancer? I like it. Done. You nasty sub human. Next time I won’t sugar coat it.

    • You and me both. What gets me, is my friend was a sweetheart. Nicest, happy, friendly, kind and loving, she was diagnosed with lung cancer and literally 8 weeks later, died. This guy is nasty, mean, rude, evil and he is still kicking. My thought is maybe God wants to make the mean ones feel the pain more? And the kind ones, not suffer? He is a cancer on this planet. I won’t be crying when he leaves it.

  3. I first heard Rush while traveling to myrtle beach with my husband from Charlotte in the eighties. I thought…that’s a man that thinks like me. I’ve been a loyal listening ever since. My husband had the exact diagnosis in 2018. It’s a tough one to beat, but can be done.

      • Rush Limbaugh is and was inhumane, not sure where you get off telling others that. I think his ugly is coming back on him now. Doesn’t feel good, does it? LAW OF ATTRACTION!

  4. A tribute to Rush Limbaugh
    Rush Limbaugh is standing up for what he believes is right and refuses to back away from what he believes is wrong.
    Man is and always has been his own worst enemy! It seems as though we hate the truth more than a lie! The truth isn’t always what we want it to be, but will always align itself with the facts.
    A time for death is appointed to every man! Yes Rush will die, but not until his time comes. When that time comes and it may yet be many years, he will die a hero in the eyes of many. In the final assessment his life and legacy will be judged, not by man but by the same judge that will judge you and me! It is written, “Judge not lest you be judged”.
    It seems that man is very good at finding fault, but not very good at overlooking anyone’s fault but his own. Until we can judge everyone by the same standards that we judge ourselves by, man will continue to be his own worst enemy.
    Wake up, smell the flowers and ask yourself, what have I done for mankind? At the very least Rush tried. Yes he made mistakes and he also got things right as he tried in his own way to point out the many things that we would not have known without him. There are few things that trouble men more than others finding out the truth about them.
    Did Rush step on some toes along the way? Of course he did and many of them needed to be stepped on! For those who could think on their own, he gave them food for thought and many of them came away with a different point of view.
    Is Rush a Hero? To quote someone from the past, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!”
    Someone once said, “There’s a little good in the worst of men and a little bad in the best of men”.
    None of us are perfect, but few of us seem to know it!
    Thank you Rush, wishing you the very best, “God Bless” and take care.
    Henry Allan

    • You wake up! That is some of the stupidest stuff I have ever read. “Judge not lest you be judged.” Limbaugh sure didn’t live by that. He spread hatred and racism across this country. A country already frail. He is a disgusting sub human. “WHAT HAVE I DONE FOR MANKIND” Tons. I have taught all age children for 35 years. I tutored adults how to read and immigrants how to read, write and speak English. I helped 5 impoverished schools with my own savings money. I helped other impoverished schools help kids stay warm with a coat drive. I have done a ton. You say, Limbaugh tried? Tried to do what? Divide people and hate on each other? That is all is has done. Your thinking is twisted and his is downright sick and evil. May Limbaugh rot in Hell, because that is where evil dwells. Too bad I don’t believe in it, but that is the only place this scumbag deserves. On a scale of perfect, Limbaugh couldn’t climb out of the hole to even reach the lowest score. Get your head out of your ass.

      • You are the most hate-filled, pathetic, and wildly deceived person I have seen posting today. And in today’s world, that is quite an accomplishment! I see you have taught for 35 years. What a scary thought, based on the lies, hate, and inability to even perceive truth, demonstrated by your posts. And while you don’t believe in Hell, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Truth is truth whether you believe it or not. My prayer is that you seek healing through Jesus Christ. Only then will you be able to know truth, and unload all the vile hatred you seem filled with.

  5. Rush, if you read this, thank you for what you have done and continue to do for this great Country. There is so much division, deception and name-calling that we as a nation are growing weary from the grind of it all. You have always worked at reminding us of the bright side of life as Americans. It shouldn’t take an attack on our soil to bring us together as one nation. ( “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.” -Jesus in Matt 22:25)

    I will continue to pray (selfishly) that God will lengthen your days for our benefit, but I also want to encourage you that while it is natural to cling to this present life with all we’ve got, if we could only experience the next life for but a second, we would gladly let go of this one and never want to return. Stay close to the Lord, Rush. If you do, you will be fine no matter what tomorrow brings. Keep this thought with you: “However, as it is written: “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived” — the things God has prepared for those who love him–1 Corinthians 2:9

    Praying for successful treatments and restoration of your health!

    • Wow, you are a lost soul. You should pray for yourself to find some common sense. Limbaugh was a scumbag. End of story. You people are so phony. Hypocrites. Limbaugh does not represent Christians, God, Jesus or anything kind or loving. He is disgusting and you’re a fake. Must be a Pentecostal or Evangelical? Their the only ones who accept hate as a Christian teaching. Spare us.

      • Karen R. Koenig, M.Ed, LCSW: “Projection refers to unconsciously taking unwanted emotions or traits you don’t like about yourself and attributing them to someone else.”

        I would say this is precisely what is affecting ‘ann moore’

  6. God bless you Rush. There are a number of patients with advanced cancer who have triumphed through lifestyle and diet modification, use of supplements and spiritual (prayer etc) and social support. The Metabolic Approach to Cancer by J. Winters ND is a book you might find helpful. This book discusses how to use simple interventions to fight cancer and how they work at the cellular level. As you probably know, you must protect the body with nutrients while undergoing chemotherapy. I hope that your oncologist has included a nutritionist who specializes in cancer patients as part of your healthcare team. Remember sugar feeds cancer. God bless.

    • He is pure scum. And God would never bless someone who constantly spewed hate. Limbaugh is reaping what he sowed. He can rot in Hell.

      • No Jezebel. Your wicked hate filled soul will give an account one day soon. I bet your fat and scorned. Yup. Nasty rebellious woman. Scum. Pew!! Yea

    • You have low standards. Limbaugh is a scumbag. Prayers? Are you praying to the devil, Limbaugh’s vile rhetoric was right out the devil’s mouth.
      He can rot in Hell.

  7. Rush has done more for radio’s benefit, particularly AM radio’s benefit, than any other single individual since the advent of Top 40 in the 50s.
    If anyone posts a negative remark today about a dying man, let him answer to the Heavens, because he will.

    • Spare me. Who are you to say we need to answer to God. Limbaugh needs to answer to God for all of the hurt, pain, suffering and division he has cashed in on. Shame on him and shame on you for threatening people. Screw Limbaugh. He is a scumbag, a low life, anti American. Anti Christian, money grabbing whore. He is partly to blame for the mess this country is in, due to ignorant, racists needed some other racist to blab, vile rhetoric. You just shut the hell up.

      • I thought Limbaugh was “INTO” Hate speech. Oh, but when the shoe is on the other foot you people don’t like it. Only funny and awesome when it is shot at others. What a hypocrite you are.

  8. Continuing prayers for Rush and his recovery.

    You may disagree with his views, but he is a human being going through a terrible illness. As the saying goes, we should not wish something like cancer on our worst enemy…for those who may actually think that Rush is some kind of ‘enemy’.

    With everything that’s going on in our country, right now, let’s all show some kindness and respect..and, while we’re at it, let’s also respect the right of free speech, even if it’s speech we disagree with…

    • I thought Limbaugh was “INTO” Hate speech. Oh, but when the shoe is on the other foot you people don’t like it. Only funny and awesome when it is shot at others. What a hypocrite you are. He is scum and is partly to blame for the mess this country is in. And no, I won’t shut up. When, my kind, sweet friend dies only after two months from lung cancer and this scumbag is still kicking that ticks me off. He is an awful person. Ever thing, MAYBE HE BROUGHT THIS ON HIMSELF? Also, he made money off of other people’s pain, suffering. He made money off of hate. THAT IS DISGUSTING. HE IS DISGUSTING, SO NO, HE DESERVES NO RESPECT. May he get what he deserves. God will decide. God has seen what bad crap he spewed. Law of Attraction. He is getting part of what he deserves right now on this page with negative comments.


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