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The Top 10 Drivers Of Marketing Effectiveness

(By Bob McCurdy) A study of the Effie Awards has revealed what factors contributed most to these winning campaigns' performance in rank order.

Turning Reaction Into Action

(By Deborah Parenti) The events of the past week have brought not only disruption to a lot of lives but stirred emotions, thoughts, and opinions by everyone who works, has worked, or has interest in the radio industry. Radio people are, to the core, a passionate group.

The Day After Restructuring

(By Jeff McHugh) Spicy Thai noodles and cold Singha beer. Going for lunch was the first thing I did after my position was eliminated at Entercom in 2008. Spicy Thai food on a bad day is always a good choice.

Stop Saying “Still”

(By Larry Rosin) We all say, “Radio is still listened to by hundreds of millions.” “Radio is still the best way to make a song a hit or to make a musician a star.” “Radio is still what people listen to in their cars.” Let's all try to stop that.

Does K-G-A-F Offend You?

Apparently it offends the federal government, despite the fact that the federal government has licensed those call letters since 1947.

ABC’s “The Dropout” Wins Podcast of The Year

The second annual iHeartRadio Podcast Awards were held Friday night in Los Angeles. ABC's The Dropout, host by Rebecca Jarvis, won the award for Podcast of The Year. Here are all the winners.

Radio In KC To Push Out Russian Propaganda

Kansas City area listeners will soon be able to tune in to Russian programming six hours per day. The programming is a result of a lease deal between RM Broadcasting, Alpine Broadcasting in Kansas City and Radio Sputnik.

Traug Keller Named COO at America Media.

America Media calls itself the leading provider of editorial content for thinking Catholics. Its flagship magazine America has been published since 1909. Keller starts in March the same month he exits ESPN.


We received quite a few reader comments about the recent round of layoffs at iHeart. We continuously update our original story and we read all of your comments (and respond to some). Let's keep the discussion alive.

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