Here’s One Of Radio’s Best Sales Managers

In our latest 2018 Radio Wayne finalist podcast we speak to Cumulus Houston Sales Manager Tim Gratzer about how he succeeds in the trenches every day. The Radio Ink Radio Wayne Awards will be handed out on September 27 at the RAB/NAB Radio Show in Orlando, and over the next several weeks we're going to highlight the best of the best in radio sales and management. Here's our interview with Cumulus' Tim Gratzer...

Coming Up Friday On Podcasting For Radio Dummies

Our first show kicks off live at 9 a.m. Eastern, Friday, with Tina Nole and DJ Klyph. You can tune into the show live on Facebook or on-demand immediately after. Here are all the details on our first two guests...
Spike Santee - Radio

Presenting Your Professional Qualifications

(By Spike Santee) Differentiation is one of the fundamentals to marketing success. The ability to describe the customer benefits you provide will set you apart from the rest of the vendors within your product category and will help you build a profitable customer list. All too often, a business will resort to price cutting as a way to differentiate them from the competition, thinking that the lower prices will help them win new customers. Price cutting is the expensive way to grow a business. Presentation isn't.

Be Their Golden Contact

(By Walter Sterling) Radio station lobbies are the point of critical failure, or success, when engaging listeners. Actually engaging listeners: Physically engaging listeners! When visiting your station, a listener may have a profound, positive life event or a  disappointing one. Let's talk about parlaying prizewinners into marketing coups.

How Two Stations Became Sisters

This is a follow-up to a story we ran back on July 6 when students from William Paterson University went to Puerto Rico to help build a radio station there. Now representatives from the university tell Radio Ink that Brave New Radio (WPSC-FM 88.7) and Radio Vieques (WVQR-FM) have signed an agreement establishing an official sister-station relationship between the two stations.

CRS 2019 Registration Opens Today (Aug. 15)!

It’s the 50th anniversary of Country Radio Seminar and registration opens today, August 15, at the early bird rate of $499. Prospective attendees should note that the early bird rate will only be offered for one day, starting at 10 a.m. CDT and closing at 12 a.m. CDT. The price will then increase to $549.

ABC Radio Announces Four Labor Day Specials

ABC Radio will provide four three-hour specials to affiliates for use over Labor Day weekend: Rock and Roll Labor Day Salute (hosted by Johnny Van Zant), A Labor Day Salute to Country Kids (hosted by Little Big Town), America Works: Ten Years Since the Great Recession (hosted by ABC News Radio correspondent Aaron Katersky), and The 2018 Back to School Special (hosted by ABC News Radio correspondent Alex Stone).


In 2018, has been publishing advertiser success stories every Monday morning. We've found great local advertisers that are using radio to drive customers to their stores and dollars to their cash registers. We want to publicize your greatest advertiser success story of the year. 


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Free Webinar: How AI Can Help You Win

Weaving an AI strategy successfully into your radio operation takes skill. Full mastery can come with advanced learning, and a free webinar in August accomplishes that with top-level knowledge and insights from Veritone. It’s broadcast media education at no cost, allowing executives, sales leaders, and AEs to gain a deeper understanding of AI. CLICK HERE.

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Massenzi Gets More Sales Responsibilities

Entercom has promoted Gina Massenzi as D.O.S in Las Vegas where she'll oversee revenue generation for KLUC-FM, KMXB-FM, KXNT-AM, KXQQ-FM, KXST-AM, and KXTE-FM. She's promoted from GSM for the cluster’s FM stations.

McKay The Right Guy For Cumulus In Columbia

Steve McKay is the new Program Director for Adult Contemporary station WTCB-FM/B106.7 and Classic Hits station 98.5 WOMG-FM in Columbia, SC. McKay moves to Columbia from Wilmington, NC.

Dees And Benztown Do A Deal

Rick Dees has signed a production deal with imaging outfit Benztown. Benztown will provide Dees Entertainment with production services for its portfolio of programs hosted by the award-winning entertainer.

Sturcken Headed To Florida

Mark Sturcken has been named Senior Vice President of Sales for iHeartMedia in West Palm Beach and Ft. Pierce. iHeart West Palm Beach owns and operates WLDI-FM, WKGR-FM, WOLL-FM, WZZR-FM, WRLX-FM, WJNO-AM, WBZT-AM, and WRLXHD2-FM, and in Ft. Pierce, the company owns and operates WAVW-FM, WQOL-FM, WCZR-FM, and WZTA-AM/FM.

iHeart Indy Gets A New GSM

Brian Harrington has been named General Sales Manager for WZRL (Hip Hop) and WNDE (Sports). Harrington joins the Indianapolis Market from Woof Boom Radio, where he most recently served as an Account Executive.

Univision Partners With AdsWizz For Uforia

Univision will now use the AdsWizz AudioMax platform for programmatic ad buying for its radio and music streaming app Uforia. AudioMax is a part of the AdsWizz end-to-end technology platform for digital advertising that includes its Ad Insertion Suite, ad serving and campaign management, and an audio-centric Demand Side Platform called AudioMatic.

Salem Turns On QGoLive App

QGoLive is a mobile app for broadcast-quality, live field reporting on an iPhone, iPad, Android, or laptop, featuring the ability to insert recorded clips into live shots.

New Podcast Gets Behind Women Candidates

In collaboration with Cult Favorite Media, Westwood One is launching a new podcast called Run Like A Girl. It has one goal: to get as many women, on both sides of the aisle, elected to office as possible.

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