What Type Of Ads Should You Be Running Now?

(By Jamie Aplin) I’m so surprised that we’re still hearing ads on the radio promoting a businesses product or service. But wait, isn’t that precisely what radio ads should be doing? Typically, yes. But that all changed the day a world wide pandemic was announced.

RAB Hosting Webinar Today

The Radio Advertising Bureau is hosting a special webinar Monday as part of Business Unusual webinar series. The webinar is called CRISIS MARKETING IDEAS:  Getting Your Advertisers' Juices Flowing, featuring Borrell Associates.

Peanut Butter And Jenny Anyone?

SOS Radio in Las Vegas partnered with Trinity Life Center to pass out over 23,000 Skippy Peanut Butter & Jenny pocket sandwiches for families in Las Vegas.

Salem To Hold Virtual Stockholders Meeting

It's the sign of the times. Large gatherings can no longer be held in person with the fear of the coronavirus spreading. Salem Media Group announced on Friday it will host its 2020 annual meeting of stockholders virtually.

Two Listener Calls You Will Never Forget

The restaurant industry is being decimated by this virus. If a restaurant is unable to cover its bills by providing takeout only, it will have to close its doors. Hubbard West Palm Beach morning show co-hosts Tim & Chelsea heard from one of those restaurants earlier this week.

More Live Concert Content Offered

United Stations Media Networks is moving to help stations fill the gap left by virus canceled live events. The live Country Music series, The Road, and the Classic Rock series, Live In Concert, are part of the offer.

The Perception of Radio is Not The Reality

On Thursday Jacobs Media presented its annual Tech Survey. This year 46,000 people from over 500 radio stations participated in the survey between January 7 and February 9. Fred Jacobs made the hour-long presentation from the basement of his home in Detroit.

Digital Accounts For 8% of AM/FM Radio Listening

As of the most recent Edison Research update, the portion of AM/FM listening represented by the streams is 8%. How might the crisis gripping the nation affect digital listening? Here's what Edison President Larry Rosin had to say...

Radio Companies Cutting Salaries

The coronavirus pandemic is not only causing some of radio's biggest companies to borrow millions of dollars to stay solvent, it's leading to salary cuts to keep people employed. Adams Radio Group is cutting the salary for every employee by 10%.
John Garziglia - Radio

Free Time and Lowest Unit Charge

(By John Garziglia) In response to COVID-19, the FCC’s Media Bureau issued a Public Notice with the subtitle “Free Advertisements Need Not Be Included in Lowest Unit Charge”. The FCC issued this guidance in response to an informal inquiry from broadcasters asking whether free advertisements must be included in the calculation of the political lowest unit rate charge.  

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