The Connoisseur Angle

Jeff Warshaw's Connoisseur Media is picking up two Southern Connecticut stations and sending four stations in and around Allentown to Cumulus. The stations being acquired by Connoisseur are licensed to Westport (WEBE-FM) and Bridgeport (WICC-AM).

Is Howard Really Ready To Retire?

That's what he said Monday on his SiriusXM show. Stern said after his current contract expires in 2020, he's done with radio because it affects his health. Of course, Stern followers know this isn't the first time Howard has said he's quitting, only to sign another deal.

Get Ready To Compete With Alexa

Just when radio thought the smart speaker craze was bringing radio back into the home, Amazon has thrown a monkey wrench into that theory. The online retail giant is getting ready to launch a free, ad-supported music service, specifically for their smart speaker device, as early as this week.

Home Depot Number One Again

With spring comes all the gardening and home improvement projects. Which likely explains The Home Depot’s huge tally of radio ads, making it radio’s biggest advertiser for the second week in a row.

Bob & Tom Help Raise Cool Million

Comedy sells...and helps. That’s the word coming out of The Bob & Tom Show, which helped raise a massive $1,003,500 for the United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley.

A Very Special Deal Just For You

Register for Forecast 2020 by 5 PM today and have dinner on us with the $100 you'll save off even the regular “early bird” pricing that goes into effect tonight. Here are the details on this great deal...

Pritchard: Digital’s Dark Side

P&G Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard spoke before the Association of National Advertisers last week in Orlando where he detailed the history of digital, how the medium has thrown the agency world into flux and the strengths of traditional media.

Nashville Niche Auto Dealer Nets Nice Results With Radio

Global Motorsports General Manager Larry Thorne tells Radio Ink that he has found his “niche” with the Cromwell Radio Group's Nashville cluster of stations — especially with Sports Talk. Here's our interview with Larry...

7 Trends Impacting Radio Today

(By Randy Lane) Over the years I’ve seen many threats and dire predictions for radio. MTV videos in the ‘80s, the rise of social media, Pandora and Spotify in the 2000s. I have always believed, and I believe even more strongly today, that radio will survive. Here's how...

Are You Still With Me?

(By Bob McCurdy) Take a guess as to what year these articles were written: "The Nation’s Attention Span Has Become Terribly Short" and "The Nation’s Attention Span Shrinks." If you guessed 1991, which I am sure you didn’t, you were correct. Think they have gotten shorter since?

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