Seattle’s KZOK Taps B.J. Shea To Follow Danny Bonaduce


Seattle’s radio scene saw a shake-up last week, with actor and long-time radio host Danny Bonaduce retiring from 102.5 KZOK on Friday. iHeartMedia won’t be letting his chair get too cold with B.J. Shea set to take over the morning anchor spot with Bonaduce’s co-host Sarah Schiller. Shea comes from Audacy Seattle’s KISW, where he spent 17 years as morning host, to start B.J. & Sarah Mornings on January 8.

iHeartMedia Seattle SVP of Programming Rich Moore commented, “Danny Bonaduce’s time at KZOK was extraordinary, and now with B.J. joining us, we’re excited to continue offering some of the best morning radio in Seattle.”

Shea stated, “It’s a career highlight to join an exceptional company within our industry, and I’m looking forward to this exciting phase of my career, entertaining the Puget Sound with the incredible talent that is Sarah,” said Shea.

Schiller, who has been a part of KZOK since 2011 after initially partnering with Bonaduce in Philadelphia, is equally thrilled about the new partnership: “I’m delighted to start this new chapter with B.J. Shea. We’re set to bring a lot of entertainment and energy to our listeners.”


  1. What about the “Joke of the day” with the little tyke that had the tag line, “Oh, Danny” and the FAMOUS “Oh, Florida”??? Jellybean! Now l remember she was a staple on the Danny & Sarah Show!

  2. Man, when Shea was on around the Tom Leykis show he was the biggest most annoying Leykis wannabe cheerleder there couldbe. Almost a felon I’d bet. Preach the Leykis ways but 180 on real life. Overall he’s meh,ok…to me. And nope i didn’t listen to him on 710. Couldn’t. Some of you guys know exactly what I’m saying. He & STP were cool and BJ really did Migs a solid!! Sure he’s a good dude and would rather hear his meh than another Bonaduce (good or not) from east coast. Talent must really be lacking on the left coast as TMR, Danny/Sarah & her Beaver. Probably all of em. I remember STP with T-Man! HUH! That guy was a comedian. Well my commuting days are done. Thanks DJ’s From Tman, Bob, young Spike (now with 97.3), and Joe, Danny,.Sarah, TMR, and Migs has his VERY, I know Taryn, own show. I know his MOM gleams with glee. All ya’ll kept me sane for 1000’s of miles of my 30 mile avg round trip. Been real. Thanks for all your hard work wherever I heard ya. Stay Golden

  3. Definitely good for KZOK, and now he’s competing with a show his daughter is producing. Should be fun and it looks like he’s following the footsteps of his longtime friend and mentor, Bob Rivers who also left KISW and joined KZOK. We’ll have to see how the chemistry is on that show between BJ and Sarah, but I have to say, Migs is fun to listen to so it will probably be dueling stations for a while each morning.


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