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April 24, 2014

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Boston Pirates Worse Than First Thought

Boston Pirates Worse Than First Thought

The plight of Boston Pirate radio station Touch 106 has generated a lot of interest from broadcasters. One Boston GM tells Radio Ink the situation in Boston is a lot worse than anyone knows. There's even a website that keeps track of the Pirate stations, what happens to them, and what doesn't (CLICK HERE). The Governor defended Touch 106, even though he knows it's illegal, after the feds shut the station down. The Boston GM Radio Ink spoke to says, "It's odd that Patrick has praised an illegal station operator who, for years, has been outwardly defiant towards towards a major government agency."


Smulyan Pushes Chip On Wall Street

Smulyan Pushes Chip On Wall Street

In an interview the day his company was at the NASDAQ, where the Emmis stock trades, CEO Jeff Smulyan sat down for an interview where he continued to push the FM chip as the future of radio, touting the 30 million Sprint phones now FM-enabled. Smulyan also touched on NextRadio, SiriusXM, Pandora, the culture at Emmis, and his first-quarter earnings. And he answers the question, "Should investors be looking at radio again?" Watch the Smulyan interview HERE

So What About Those Pandora Numbers?

So What About Those Pandora Numbers?

There's no question Pandora is extremely popular among consumers. Nobody has ever argued that. What has become somewhat irritating to radio industry executives are the claims Pandora executives have made regarding how they rate versus traditional radio. Pandora has claimed it has 9 percent of all radio listening in the United States, and has the number-one station in many major markets. Those listening levels have never been verified by Arbitron or Nielsen. And, when big ad money is at stake, you would think verifiable facts would be important. The numbers have also never been challenged by Wall Street analysts. Until now. Meet BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield.

Big Earnings Day Today

We won't hear from any radio companies, however the three companies reporting earnings are certainly of interest to the radio industry. At 8 a.m., SiriusXM will host a conference call regarding first quarter 2014 earnings. In January, the company reported it had ended 2013 with 25.56 million subscribers. At 8:30 a.m., Nielsen will hold its first quarter conference call. And, at 5 p.m., Pandora checks in with Wall Street. Analysts surveyed by FactSet have expect Pandora to report sales of about $178.2 million and report a loss of 14 cents a share.

Rover To Call Stern As Witness

Rover To Call Stern As Witness

Although there is no explanation as to why, Fox 8 in Cleveland is reporting that Clear Channel host Shane French (pictured), aka Rover, plans to call Howard Stern as a witness in his upcoming trial. The WMMS morning man was indicted on charges of resisting arrest, inducing panic, assault, vandalism, and criminal damaging after police arrested him, alleging he shot fireworks toward a boater. The boater turned out to be an off-duty police officer.

Four More Years For Matt Siegel

Four More Years For Matt Siegel

He's been entertaining Boston for more than 30 years and that run will continue. Clear Channel Boston has extended its contract with Matt Siegel through 2018. Siegel is the host of the Matty in the Morning show on Kiss 108 in Boston and a two-time NAB Marconi winner (2001 and 2009) for Major Market Personality of the Year. Siegel kept his comments short and sweet about the new deal. "My wonderful love story with the city of Boston continues," he said.



Our "Blast From The Past" page in Radio Ink is our most popular page. We love your old pictures, ancient studio equipment, classic station vehicles and other great radio memories. Send pictures Here we have a young Steve Wexler, now Executive Vice President for Journal Broadcast Group.


The Benevolent Pirate

The Benevolent Pirate

(by Radio Ink Publisher Eric Rhoads) By now you've heard about "Touch 106," a pirate radio station that was recently raided by the FCC in Boston. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is reportedly unhappy that Touch 106 was shut down after eight years of operation, saying it has been an important voice for the black community and that he has been interviewed on the station multiple times. There are so many issues raised by this story.


Who Are the Most Influential Women in Radio?

Who Are the Most Influential Women in Radio?

Every June, Radio Ink magazine highlights the tremendous accomplishments of radio's most successful women. For the past 15 years, our Most Influential Women in Radio issue has been one of our most popular, as every woman we profile gives specific details on how she got into radio and climbed up the ladder of success. Also in this issue, we highlight a radio legend, someone who has, year after year, had tremendous success in radio and has also moved the industry forward in a positive way. Send your nominations to


<b>(SOCIAL)</b> Your Social Media Content Plan

(SOCIAL) Your Social Media Content Plan

(By Loyd Ford) When it comes right down to it, many radio clusters and individual radio stations dont have an effective social media plan designed to help them get results for goals they have for engaging actual local audience and for growing higher participation with their brand or brands. Thats a shame. With a little focus, effort and consistency, you could actually turn your social media into a powerful set of tools for growing social media presence, ratings, and even local-direct revenue for your cluster.

<b>(TALENT)</b> Green Side Up

(TALENT) Green Side Up

(By Ron Robinson) In a recent article, the writer singled out radio station copywriters whether they were actual members of an actual creative department or the forlorn and reluctant salespeople who also got saddled with the job of typing the hype. They were noted for being compelled by management to write copy that was, at best, "not offensive." Now, theres a strategy for producing wildly successful advertising!

<b>(COPYWRITING)</b> Hold the Phone

(COPYWRITING) Hold the Phone

(By Jeffrey Hedquist) When was the last time you wrote down a phone number you heard on a radio commercial? I thought so. Do you really expect any other listener to do it, especially while theyre driving? Millions of dollars in radio time are wasted each year promoting phone numbers no one responds to, and yet clients keep asking to have their numbers put in radio commercials, thinking that radio works like print. It doesnt.


<b>(SALES)</b> Do What You Fear

(SALES) Do What You Fear

(By Sean Luce) Doing what you fear is easier said than done, I promise you. How many of us really take on the thing we fear the most and conquer it or continually challenge it until we overcome that fear? The sales profession has a graveyard of people who couldnt overcome their fear of call reluctance and settled for something lesser than taking on their fears and reaching their true potential.

<b>(SALES)</b> Does Social Media Sell?

(SALES) Does Social Media Sell?

(By Jeff Schmidt) P.T. Barnum said, There is no such thing as bad publicity, as long as they spell my name correctly. I wonder if US Airways feels that way this week. I consider myself pretty plugged in and aware when it comes to social media, but I freely admit I learned a new acronym today. NSFW: Not Safe For Work. I learned this over the fracas caused by a US Airways (@USAIRWAYS) tweet. In case you missed it, US Airways had a tweet go viral in an historic way.

<b>(PROGRAMMING)</b> Who Are You Programming To?

(PROGRAMMING) Who Are You Programming To?

(By Tom Watson) Digital, Internet, terrestrial no matter what the platform may be for your programming, there is one rule that still applies: Local content is king. Live and local wins every time. Ive said this many times over the years: Music alone is not a strong enough benchmark to make and keep your station number one. Im addressing the money demographics, the 30-plus adults, not the millennials of 12 to 30.




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Are You Banking Enough Digital Revenue?

Many believe radio's big growth spurts will come from the digital side of the business. Quarter after quarter, the Radio Advertising Bureau reports how digital revenue for radio is exploding as over-the-air revenue remains mostly flat until another political ad bonanza comes along to give it a jolt. If you want to learn how to increase your digital revenue, consider attending Radio Ink's Digital Audio Conference, Convergence, June 4 and 5 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in the heart of Silicon Valley. Our 2014 agenda has been posted HERE. If you would like to be considered to speak on a panel and help radio generate digital revenue GO HERE. REGISTER HERE.



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