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August 28, 2014

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Would The FCC Deny Your License Because....You Used The Word "Redskin"?

Would The FCC Deny Your License Because....You Used The Word "Redskin"?

That's what George Washington University professor John Banzhaf has up his sleeve as he continues on his mission to force Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder to change the name of his team. As everyone in America knows, Snyder has refused to buckle to the public pressure to change the name of his NFL team. Banzhaf tells Broadcasting and Cable he's considering going to the FCC to challenge the licenses of Red Zebra Broadcasting, which Snyder owns (Red Zebra has seven stations). Banzhaf also tells B&C that he's considering advising other radio stations in markets where there are a significant number of Indians that their license renewals will be challenged if they continue to use "Redskins" on their air. When he was asked by writer John Eggerton why the FCC would deny a license based on his argument, here's what he had to say...


Connecting The Dots On  The Connected Car

Connecting The Dots On The Connected Car

(Radio Ink Publisher Eric Rhoads) Perhaps you recall a moment when I leapt from my chair to challenge the panel of automotive experts at our Radio Ink Convergence conference, when they stated that AM/FM radio could potentially disappear from the auto dashboard. That was followed up by a blog with an urgent message indicating that automakers were considering dropping broadcast radio at some point in the future. Reaction to that blog was the strongest I've ever received.

Report: Advertising Looks Strong Heading Into 2015

Interpublic's Mediabrands' Magna Global unit has updated its 2015 advertising growth projection from 4.5 percent to 4.9 percent ($172 billion). Once again digital is expected to be the big winner, increasing 15.7 percent in 2015 (51 percent spent on mobile). And a lot of that will come at the expense of network television which Magna projects will decline nearly 1 percent next year. In 2015, one out of every three dollars will be spent on digital media, and by 2017 digital revenue will reach $72 billion, surpassing TV at $70.5 billion, according to this latest forecast. Categories Magna expects to move away from TV, over to digital, include food, drinks, personal care and household goods, automotive, and the entertainment sector (such as movie releases). Magna projects ad spending on radio to decline .5 percent in 2015. Also, due to lower ad spending on political and the Olympics, Magna is revising its advertising revenue growth forecast for 2014 from plus 6 percent to plus 5.1 percent.

Another Study Backs the Love for Digital

STRATA recently surveyed media buying agencies and discovered that 45% of them are more interested in digital/online video than a year ago. Streaming or online radio did even better in the survey, up 53%. 67% of agencies said clients' primary focus for campaigns is video advertising (which includes traditional TV, cable, and network, as well as digital video) with YouTube being the most dominant site within digital video. 72% of agencies said their clients are interested in advertising on YouTube. HULU was next at a distant 36%. Agencies do still question the value of online video ads. 47% said they are fairly confident they are getting a good value for their money while 40% say they are unsure.

Study Also Suggest Ad Economy Strengthening

62% of agencies surveyed by STRATA say their business is increasing this quarter compared to the same time last year. For spot radio, 13% of the agencies said radio is receiving the most interest, up 32% from a year ago, while Spot TV continues to be the top source for advertisers. 55% say their clients are the most interested in TV. 51% of the agencies surveyed project the second half of 2014 to be better than the first half, up 19% from the second quarter of 2013. And 1500-AM Juggle Lineup And 1500-AM Juggle Lineup

Starting Tuesday, Federal Drive co-host Emily Kopp (pictured) will move from anchoring the morning program with Tom Temin to a position as a full-time reporter for both the digital and radio operations. Kopp will continue to contribute to the Federal Drive and she will also be featured on In-Depth with Francis Rose. Kopp will discuss on-air the stories she writes for Current morning digital writer/editor Shefali Kapadia also moves into a radio producer role to support Temin on the Federal Drive and a new digital writer will be hired to replace her.

Regional Reps Signs Community Broadcasters

Small-market sales-rep firm Regional Reps says it has signed a rep. agreement with Community Broadcast Partners in Abilene, TX. Regional Reps will handle national sales for KABW-FM (Country) and KORQ-FM (CHR). GM David Klement said, "We are a relatively new radio company and just recently had our first full book, Spring 2014. We are thrilled to have Regional Reps assist us in growing radio advertising in the Abilene, Texas area. Their approach to radio advertising is a lot like ours: We find solutions and opportunities for our clients. Ratings on our Country station skyrocketed in our first book and we expect continued growth. We are a relationship business and we welcome this partnership to help get us to the next level."


At Least One Station Addresses Those Lengthy Delays

At Least One Station Addresses Those Lengthy Delays

Have you ever tried to listen to the local broadcast of your favorite sports team while the game is played on television? It's totally impossible, especially through SiriusXM or TuneIn. The delay is so long it makes the game unlistenable. Cumulus in Ann Arbor Michigan is doing its part to fix that, for college football fans anyway. University of Michigan fans will be able to listen to the radio broadcast without delay inside Michigan Stadium this season thanks to a partnership between WTKA Radio and the Michigan/IMG Radio Network. The three parties worked to eliminate several of the elements that normally lead to a significant delay with a radio station.

The Score Replaces Rosen With Mannelly

The Score Replaces Rosen With Mannelly

It didn't take long for WSCR-AM PD Mitch Rosen to find a replacement for Dan McNeil. Recently retired Chicago Bear Patrick Mannelly (pictured right) will be the new midday co-host with Matt Spiegel. The Spiegel and Mannelly Show will debut Tuesday. Mannelly retired in June after 16 seasons and 245 games with the Bears. Rosen said, Mannelly's insight, opinions, and energy will make this a terrific Chicago sports radio show. Spiegel and Mannelly bring a great mix of intelligent sports content and insider knowledge to our team.

SiriusXM And Bleacher Report To Debut Channel

SiriusXM And Bleacher Report To Debut Channel

The two companies have announced a Tuesday launch of the new channel "SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio." The content on Sirius 93 and XM 208 will include shows hosted by some of Bleacher Report's voices, including Will Carroll, King Kaufman, Dan Levy, and Josh Zerkle, as well as daily contributions from writers and contributors. Bleacher Report is a division of Turner Broadcasting, and SiriusXM began airing a daily Bleacher Report-branded show in 2013 and now expands to a full channel.


Connoisseur Connecticut Hires Klonk For Promotions

Connoisseur Connecticut Hires Klonk For Promotions

Former WCCC promotions director and on-air talent Klonk has joined WDRC-F, WDRC-A, WMMW-A, WWCO-A, and WSNG-A as the new promotions director. Klonk spent over 10 years at the legendary Hartford rock station before the station flipped to the KLOVE format. Regional Operations Manager Keith Dakin said, Klonk not only has strong name recognition in the market but has the experience and knowledge of this area that these stations truly need. She will be an immediate asset as we continue to redefine 102.9 DRC and the Talk of Connecticut.


<b>(SALES)</b> Your Prospect Says NoNow What?  Pt. 3

(SALES) Your Prospect Says NoNow What? Pt. 3

(By Wayne Ens) In my last two blogs we explored why no is a necessary step towards yes in your selling process, and we discussed the first five of our 10 things to do after no. Lets explore the remainder of those 10 steps in todays blog. Step 6: This is the one most often underplayed: Say thanks in a big way. Thanks for the appointment, thanks for giving me new insights into your business or your goals, thanks for considering us, etc.

<b>(SOCIAL)</b> Give Your Station Social-Media Credibility

(SOCIAL) Give Your Station Social-Media Credibility

(By Loyd Ford) When it comes right down to it, some radio stations are simply trying to fake involvement. Probably not yours, but you know gaming the system is a common happening across many broadcast operations. How do we make it seem like we care when wedont. I just cant get up for that. So, if that is what youre into, this isnt for you.

<b>(SPORTS TALK)</b> Own Your Show!

(SPORTS TALK) Own Your Show!

(By Dan Sileo) Over my 23 years in the Sports Talk radio business I have learned so many things about how to make my on-air presentation better and better each year. I work my butt off at it and have had some of the greatest people in our business working with me. And believe me, it is an ever-changing format.


Charging for news coverage?  How would the FCC look at that?

Charging for news coverage? How would the FCC look at that?

by John Garziglia Charging for news coverage -- dollars for stories sounds like something that shocks the conscience. A Nogales radio station is alleged to have charged its Nogales city government for positive news interviews about its municipal performance. What, if any, might be an FCC violation here and does the city of Nogales have any valid FCC complaint because the radio station levied charges for paid news interviews?

Is it Appropriate to Charge For News Coverage?

Is it Appropriate to Charge For News Coverage?

In Nogales, Arizona there's an interesting dispute going on between city officials and the management at KOFH-FM (Maxima 99.1). There's a new administration at city hall that's unhappy with the negative news coverage from the radio station. Nogales Mayor Arturo Garino says his administration is receiving that negative coverage because he refuses to pay for it, as the previous administration had. Garino has asked the FCC to investigate the matter. General Manager Oscar Felix told The Arizona Republic that while it's appropriate to charge for news interviews, the station's financial arrangements with the city have no influence on news coverage and commentary. Charge for news interviews?


<b>(SALES)</b> Your Prospect Says NoNow What?  Pt. 2

(SALES) Your Prospect Says NoNow What? Pt. 2

(By Wayne Ens) In my last blog I said you would probably rather endure a root canal than hear your prospect say, We like your presentation but However, understanding why a prospect says no is one of the most valuable steps towards yes in your entire sales process. In this blog, well explore the first five of 10 things you can do after your client says no, not counting taking hostages until they say yes.

<b>(SALES)</b> The Enemy In The Shadows

(SALES) The Enemy In The Shadows

(By Sean Luce) That was the message at the Tennessee Association of Broadcasters summer convention in Murfreesboro/Nashville, Tennessee last week. During the convention, my company rolled out a full-day of the Liquid Fire Double Oh! 7 seminar. We started out with a video from the most recent James Bond movie, Skyfall. M (Judi Dench) quotes a stirring passage from Ulysses by Alfred, Lord Tennyson (thanks to Eon Productions/Sony and Universal for the clip from the movie Skyfall...


<b>(SALES)</b> Be Unexpected

(SALES) Be Unexpected

(By Jeff Schmidt) Two of the kids, my wife, and I went to Great America Theme Park this summer. We ate lunch at the food court so we could all choose the food we wanted. I chose a low/no carb option of a bacon cheeseburger, no bun. I ordered it without the fries, but when the plate came it had the fries. No big deal. About five minutes into our meal a young lady who was sweeping up trash noticed that the kids were picking on dad for eating no carb"...

<b>(SALES)</b> Your Prospect says NoNow What?  Pt. 1

(SALES) Your Prospect says NoNow What? Pt. 1

(By Wayne Ens) A Radio Ink reader asked me to create a blog about what radio account executives should do after a client says no. After putting all of your effort and creativity into a presentation, you would probably rather endure a root canal than hear your prospect say, We like your presentation, but Understanding why a prospect says no is one of the most valuable steps towards yes in your entire sales process. We have a proven system of 10 things you can do after your client says no, not counting taking hostages until they say yes.

<b>(TALENT)</b> Harsher Realities

(TALENT) Harsher Realities

(By Ron Robinson) In recent editorials, respected Radio Ink publisher Eric Rhoads offered a pair of admonitions about radio needing a massive PR campaign in order to tell the story. He also suggested radio cut back on its now-common practice of airing large numbers of commercials in single clusters. Even as I contribute at the pleasure of Eric and editor Ed Ryan, I am obliged to submit a not yet to the former and a not enough to the latter.

DASH 2014

CEA's Gary Shapiro To Keynote DASH Conference

CEA's Gary Shapiro To Keynote DASH Conference

Gary Shapiro is the president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association. He'll be one of the keynote speakers at the second DASH Connected Car Conference, to be held in Detroit, October 15-16. Shapiro said, "I'm excited to deliver the keynote address at the DASH Conference, a great mashup of broadcast radio, the automobile industry, and consumer electronics. As the home of global auto industry and an emerging hotbed of startups and technological innovation, Detroit is the perfect location for this meeting of the minds."


Kassan To Co-Chair Forecast 2015

Kassan To Co-Chair Forecast 2015

MediaLink founder and Chairman/CEO Michael Kassan will serve as advertiser co-chair for Forecast 2015, set for November 19, 2014, in New York. Kassan joins co-chair Katz Media Group CEO Mark Rosenthal. "Advertisers have become a critical part of our annual Forecast conference, and we are pleased to continue our history of attracting the very finest in the industry," said Radio Ink Publisher Eric Rhoads. "Michael Kassan has a brilliant mind."

Katz's Mark Rosenthal To Co-Chair Forecast 2015

Katz's Mark Rosenthal To Co-Chair Forecast 2015

Radio Ink is pleased to announce that Mark Rosenthal, CEO of Katz Media Group, has agreed to serve as co-chair of Forecast 2015, November 19, in New York City. Radio Ink Publisher Eric Rhoads said, "Since taking over Katz, Mark has been heavily involved in the development and growth of our industry and has shown true leadership. Having his guidance on Forecast will help shape this year's program, which will have a strong advertiser focus."


40 Most Powerful People In Radio

40 Most Powerful People In Radio

On July 28, Radio Ink's 40 Most Powerful People in Radio list was released. Bob Pittman was crowned the most powerful for the 4th year in a row. The Clear Channel CEO was followed by Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey and CBS Radio CEO Dan Mason. There were some familiar faces that made the list and quite a few new entries this year. In case you missed it, here is the entire list of the Most Powerful for 2014.


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