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Digity CEO Dean Goodman

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August 22, 2014

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Radio Needs to be Cool Again

Radio Needs to be Cool Again

This may be a theme we hear a lot at the Radio Show next month, especially with the show in Indianapolis...HQ for Emmis...the creator of NextRadio. Many Radio CEO's and managers believe NextRadio is the solution to making radio cool again. They say the digital interaction NextRadio provides listeners with their favorite local station, without sucking up data, will bring young listeners back into the radio tent and make radio cool again. Digity President and CEO Dean Goodman, who has been on a radio station buying tear of late, and who appears on the cover of Radio Ink magazine this week agrees with the assessment that radio has lost its cool factor.


Study: Radio Satisfies Listeners More Than Pandora

That's the conclusion the team at NuVoodoo comes to after surveying about 1,100 people and asking them which service they desire more when listening to 10 songs in a row. NuVoodoo VP of Research Leigh Jacobs said: What we wanted to learn was whether Pandoras algorithms do a better job creating an enjoyable playlist for consumers than the researched and carefully curated playlists that broadcast programmers sweat over day in, day out. Its Pandoras technology against radios research and decades of experience." So what were the results?

Can Your Station Help Target Women?

If your station is female focused and female friendly, here's something you can package up and take to your local car dealer. The Wall Street Journal reports that more and more women are making the final decision to purchase a new automobile. Nissan's Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn tells the Journal that "women are making the final decision on more than 60 percent of new car purchases." Ford has created a program called "Live.Drive.Love," offering women 24-hour test drives, so they can "experience the product on their own time, in their own environments, and show it to friends," according to Ford's Director of U.S. Marketing, Chantel Lenard. Ever hear of or research the website

Norway. Maybe Not

Norway. Maybe Not

Casey Kasem might not be buried in Oslo, Norway, after all. NBC News reports that after receiving a letter from Kasem's kids asking for the Norwegian government to deny Jean Kasem's request to bury Kasem in Oslo, government officials are discussing the matter with lawyers to determine what to do. Kasem, who died on June 15, has still not been buried. The fight between his kids and wife rolls on.

CBS Promotes Mike Thomas

CBS Promotes Mike Thomas

CBS Radio has named Mike Thomas vice president of sports programming. Thomas joins Mark Chernoff in overseeing CBS Radio's nearly 30 Sports-formatted stations and CBS Sports Radio. Thomas has been PD for CBS Radio Bostons WZLX-FM since 2006 and 98.5 The Sports Hub (WBZ-FM) since 2009. Prior to joining CBS, Thomas was PD/midday host at KGB in San Diego. He also programmed WFBQ in Indianapolis, WTUE and WXEG in Dayton, and WYMG in Springfield, Ill. Thomas will continue to serve as CBS Radio's head of programming in Boston while also guiding the on-air presentation and strategic planning for 98.5 The Sports Hub (WBZ-FM) and 100.7 Classic Rock (WZLX-FM).

SoundCloud To Sell Ads To Pay For Music

SoundCloud To Sell Ads To Pay For Music

The competition for streaming ad dollars just increased with the announcement from SoundCloud that it would start selling ads to its millions of users who go to the site to listen to music. SoundCloud has 175 million people who listen to music on the site each month. The L.A. Times reports that musicians, including major artists such as Lorde and Drake, have used SoundCloud as a portal to share their latest tunes.

Video Ads More Powerful Than Radio, TV.

Radio sellers hear it all the time, many advertisers consider Television their first choice before considering a buy on radio. Even Emmis CEO Jeff Smulyan in an upcoming cover story in Radio Ink magazine admits Television is perceived as cooler than radio. "Our problem is their perception is as a primary medium. You have to buy TV. Our perception is secondary or tertiary. The perception is what really kills us. We have to change that perception. If we could be cool again, it would change everything." A new study released by Rocket Fuel concludes, at least for the competitive Insurance category, video ads have become the coolest of them all.

Benztown Makes The Inc. Magazine List

Benztown Makes The Inc. Magazine List

Inc. magazine has named Benztown one of Americas Fastest-Growing Private Companies for the second consecutive year. Benztown increased sales 796 percent since the start of 2010, placing it at number 596 on this years list of 5,000 companies. Benztown ranks as the 8th fastest-growing private company in America out of the 60 companies in the media sector. Last year, the company debuted on the list at number 983. Benztown CEO Andreas Sannemann said, I'm super excited we made the list two times in a row and improved our rank compared to last year. This is a pure team success and a milestone for the company. I am proud to work amongst and with the most talented people in the business.

Sun Growing Fast

Sun Growing Fast

Inc. Magazine announced today that Sun Broadcast Group has made its annual list. The Inc. 5000 list, released today, ranks the countrys fastest-growing private companies according to percentage of revenue growth over three years. During the period measured to make this year's list, Suns revenue jumped more 520%. In that time the company also added 15 full time positions between its New York City and Boca Raton offices.


Gottlieb Simulcast Starts Monday

Gottlieb Simulcast Starts Monday

The Doug Gottlieb Show will debut its television simulcast on Monday from a new set located at the CBS Sports radio studios in New York City. Gottlieb is heard live Monday-Friday from 3 to 6 p.m., ET. CBS Sports Network is available across the country through local cable, video, and telco providers, and via satellite on DirecTV Channel 221 and Dish Network Channel 158.



<b>(SALES)</b> Be Unexpected

(SALES) Be Unexpected

(By Jeff Schmidt) Two of the kids, my wife, and I went to Great America Theme Park this summer. We ate lunch at the food court so we could all choose the food we wanted. I chose a low/no carb option of a bacon cheeseburger, no bun. I ordered it without the fries, but when the plate came it had the fries. No big deal. About five minutes into our meal a young lady who was sweeping up trash noticed that the kids were picking on dad for eating no carb"...

<b>(SALES)</b> Your Prospect says NoNow What?  Pt. 1

(SALES) Your Prospect says NoNow What? Pt. 1

(By Wayne Ens) A Radio Ink reader asked me to create a blog about what radio account executives should do after a client says no. After putting all of your effort and creativity into a presentation, you would probably rather endure a root canal than hear your prospect say, We like your presentation, but Understanding why a prospect says no is one of the most valuable steps towards yes in your entire sales process. We have a proven system of 10 things you can do after your client says no, not counting taking hostages until they say yes.

<b>(TALENT)</b> Harsher Realities

(TALENT) Harsher Realities

(By Ron Robinson) In recent editorials, respected Radio Ink publisher Eric Rhoads offered a pair of admonitions about radio needing a massive PR campaign in order to tell the story. He also suggested radio cut back on its now-common practice of airing large numbers of commercials in single clusters. Even as I contribute at the pleasure of Eric and editor Ed Ryan, I am obliged to submit a not yet to the former and a not enough to the latter.


<b>(WIZARD)</b> The Electricity Of Opposites

(WIZARD) The Electricity Of Opposites

(By Roy Williams) Its in our nature to seek reinforcement of our preferences. We cling to the familiar and want more of the same. Until we grow tired of it. Repetition deepens perception, but with it comes predictability and cliche. Do you want to elevate interest? Capture attention? Never grow old? Would you like to create radio formats and ad campaigns and characters in fiction that sparkle and dance and live?

<b>(SALES)</b> To Sell the Truth

(SALES) To Sell the Truth

(By Paul Weyland) This article is about teaching clients a much better way to reach out and turn consumers into their loyal customers. Its about how clients can attract new customers without ever having to put their product or service on sale. Have you ever had a revelation so powerful that you just clasped your hand to your forehead and went, Wow! And its so simple and easy! Well, that happened to me a couple of years ago when I discovered something about my local direct clients that I had failed to recognize for nearly 40 years.

<b>(SOCIAL)</b> Social Media With Purpose For Local Radio

(SOCIAL) Social Media With Purpose For Local Radio

(By Loyd Ford) Great radio has always been about engaging the local community at a high level and being a part of exciting things happening locally, so that you amplify those things important to the community and your listeners. I know, youre thinking it has always been about money. My feeling has always been that if you do the right things, ratings and revenue will appear and then grow. So, why isnt social media like that for radio?


Disney's Devastating Signal About Radio

Disney's Devastating Signal About Radio

(By Eric Rhoads) Way way back, I think it was about 1998, I made a prediction in Radio Ink that talked about how one day all of radio would be digital and online and we would see a time when AM and FM stations were no longer the primary means of distributing our programming. I went so far as to say that some would sell off their properties because they were no longer needed. I got lots of hate mail on that one.

DASH 2014

CEA's Gary Shapiro To Keynote DASH Conference

CEA's Gary Shapiro To Keynote DASH Conference

Gary Shapiro is the president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association. He'll be one of the keynote speakers at the second DASH Connected Car Conference, to be held in Detroit, October 15-16. Shapiro said, "I'm excited to deliver the keynote address at the DASH Conference, a great mashup of broadcast radio, the automobile industry, and consumer electronics. As the home of global auto industry and an emerging hotbed of startups and technological innovation, Detroit is the perfect location for this meeting of the minds."


Katz's Mark Rosenthal To Co-Chair Forecast 2015

Katz's Mark Rosenthal To Co-Chair Forecast 2015

Radio Ink is pleased to announce that Mark Rosenthal, CEO of Katz Media Group, has agreed to serve as co-chair of Forecast 2015, November 19, in New York City. Radio Ink Publisher Eric Rhoads said, "Since taking over Katz, Mark has been heavily involved in the development and growth of our industry and has shown true leadership. Having his guidance on Forecast will help shape this year's program, which will have a strong advertiser focus."


40 Most Powerful People In Radio

40 Most Powerful People In Radio

On July 28, Radio Ink's 40 Most Powerful People in Radio list was released. Bob Pittman was crowned the most powerful for the 4th year in a row. The Clear Channel CEO was followed by Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey and CBS Radio CEO Dan Mason. There were some familiar faces that made the list and quite a few new entries this year. In case you missed it, here is the entire list of the Most Powerful for 2014.


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