How To Use AI, And Metadata, To Unlock Value In TV

Not so long ago, time-stamps played a large metadata role for TV broadcasters. In recent years, technological advancements have changed how broadcasters view and use metadata. On July 18, broadcast and cable TV professionals and their sales teams have a great no-cost opportunity to learn more about how AI and metadata can bring in more ad dollars.

Four More Reps Sign On To Radio Freedom Bill

Good news from DC: The Local Radio Freedom Act now has 195 cosponsors in the House and 22 in the Senate, with four more Members of the House of Representatives adding their names to the list. The bipartisan resolution opposes "any new performance fee, tax, royalty, or other charge" on local broadcast radio stations.

Kerri Responds: “This Lawsuit is Frivolous”

Last night we reached out to Kerri Kasem to get her reaction to the lawsuit file by Jean. Kerri told Radio Ink, This frivolous lawsuit was filed because Jean Kasem thinks that this will delay her own wrongful death suit and confuse people about what really happened to my dad. She never served anyone that she names in the suit and she could not get a lawyer to take the case."

The Young, Affluent, Educated Listen to Podcasts

That's according to Nielsen's latest Audio Today Report which provides a snapshot of the listening landscape viewed through many different lenses - reach and audience growth, network radio, podcasting, localism and top formats and songs. The report says an average podcast listener is young, educated and affluent.

Is Tesla Creating a Music Streaming Service?

The answer is yes, according to recode. And the company is already having discussions with the labels about its own music service, which would be bundled with its cars, which already come equipped with a high-tech dashboard and internet connectivity.

My Life As A Millennial: The Dress Codes

(By Georgia Beasley) I began writing this column after engaging in a debate over what is considered an acceptable dress code for the workplace by our traditional industry standards. Per usual, I was the only Millennial, so my opinion was not exactly the fan favorite, but since that day I've continued to ask myself: Does success have a dress code?

Salespeople. YOU Are The Gatekeeper. Here’s Why.

(By Barry Cohen) It may sound like posturing, but unless you are selling in Death Valley, or a town with a population of only 40, you are in charge of who has access to your assets. Your audience is your product -- not your signal, not your talent, not your programming.

UX: Not Just Another Set Of Letters

(By Dick Kalt) While the new hot term UX, for “User Experience,” is mostly associated with online engagement on commercial websites, it has just as much relevance to radio — but nobody really thinks about that. Now more than ever, broadcasters must realize that user experience involves far more than just playing the music they think people want to hear.

FCC Wants To Add Blue Alerts To EAS

Blue Alerts can be used to warn the public with actionable information related to a law enforcement officer who's missing, injured, or killed in the line of duty, or when there's an imminent credible threat to an officer. The Blue Alert option would be used by authorities to notify the public through radio and TV of threats to law enforcement and to help apprehend dangerous suspects.

CKLW Jumps Into The Lead

Thursday was a big day for our friends up north. CKLW fans were out in force, pushing Buffalo's WKBW into the second spot. WING in Dayton rejoined the list and B100 in San Diego makes its first appearance. Cast your vote in the "20 Greatest Top 40 Stations of All Time" poll. Your top 10 choices will appear in the July 24 issue of Radio Ink, right next to the top picks from Lee Abrams and Randy Michaels. Here is the leader board as of 7 p.m. Thursday.

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