How Women Keep Radio A Powerful Platform


As women in the radio industry continue the fight for equity at all levels, Radio Ink talked to this year’s Most Influential Women In Radio about their thoughts as to why radio remains a promising career path for women.

Radio Ink asked the Most Influential Women In Radio: Why is radio a good career for women?

“The data in the Gender Analysis Study that MIW publishes annually shows that radio is a good career choice if you’re on the sales path. Women do best in sales management roles. Unfortunately, the numbers also show that it’s a tough place for a woman on the programming track. The MIWs offer a variety of mentorships for just about every career path in radio to help improve those numbers, regardless of the track you’re on.”

“It was the first place I found where my income wasn’t capped. I realized I could make as much as I could sell, which attracted me to the business. It is also a business that gives you great flexibility to work after your kids go to bed, at night, and on the weekends, enabling you to still drive to your personal career goals while raising a family.”

“The radio business is the storytelling business, and women are great storytellers. We get to tell the stories of our communities, our people, our local businesses, and the music we play. Women can be on-air, in station and group management and leadership, can program stations, and can lead in sales and marketing. Radio offers a platform for women to have a voice and showcase their talents. Radio is the most personal medium that allows women to relate to listeners and followers and create and change discourse – and that is powerful!”

See what all of 2024’s Most Influential Women In Radio said in the next issue of Radio Ink. Plus, get our cover story with ABC Audio Vice President Liz Alesse – it all drops on Monday, May 13. Order your digital or print subscription today!


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