FCC Broadsides Boston Pirates With Proposed $857k In Fines


The Federal Communications Commission has initiated proposed fines totaling $857,775 against seven individuals for operating unauthorized, unlicensed radio stations in the Boston area, under the PIRATE Act.

Among those facing fines, Jean Marius has been hit with the largest penalty of $597,775 for operating “Radio Tele Planet Compas” across multiple locations including Brockton, Randolph, and Mattapan. Other operators facing substantial fines include Renold David, with a $120,000 penalty for “Lotnivo FM” in Brockton, and Shane Kelly, fined $20,000 for “The Test 87.9 FM” in Hyannis.

Additionally, Joao Vieira, Robert Bellinger, Djovany Pierre, and Mario Turner are each proposed fines of $40,000 for their respective stations in Brockton and Cotuit, MA.

These proposed fines are outlined in Notices of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture (NALs), which detail the allegations and proposed sanctions but are not final FCC actions. The individuals have the opportunity to respond to the allegations, and the FCC will consider their evidence and legal arguments before making a final decision.

The PIRATE Act, enhanced by Congress in 2020, allows the FCC to impose fines of up to $119,555 per day, with a maximum penalty of $2,391,097. This legislation also mandates regular enforcement sweeps and empowers the FCC to take action against property owners who knowingly allow pirate broadcasts on their premises.

In 2023, a total of 44 notices were sent to property owners implicated in hosting pirate broadcasts. Significant actions included imposing the previous maximum fine of $2,316,034 on César Ayora and Luis Angel Ayora in Queens, NY, and a $80,000 penalty on Thomas Barnes in La Grande, Oregon.

FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel said in a statement, “For nine decades, the Federal Communications Commission has been our Nation’s watchdog when it comes to the use of the public airwaves. We take this responsibility seriously. It means that this resource is broadly available for all kinds of radio and wire activities, provided those who use our airwaves comply with our rules. When users fail to do so and cause harmful interference to others, we take action. That is exactly what we do today with these fines proposed against unauthorized radio operators in Massachusetts.”

“Thank you to the agents and Field Regional Management in our Boston and New York Field Offices for their work on this effort under the PIRATE Act. These agents are unsung heroes who help us manage our airwaves, and for their security we do not mention them here today but want them to know we are grateful for their service. I will mention, however, those who took up their charge in Washington, so thank you to Loyaan Egal, Jeremy Marcus, Matthew Gibson, Ryan McDonald, Michael Rhodes, David Marks, Robert Keller, Andrew Leja, and Reggie Breshears from the Enforcement Bureau; and William Dever and David Konczal from the Office of General Counsel.”


  1. hi im renold david pdg radio lotnivo fm some one call me this morning about the FCC penality my radio is a commiunity radio not commercial radio last time im speak to a fcc agent was last year his name is David C Dombrowski his phonumber 215-280-1161 after 2monts im call fcc the send me a registration number my fcc registration number is FRN2130066315
    now im turne of my transmeter ontil you tell me what to do
    6174072225 is my phone number thank you


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