Signal Hill Insights: Branded Podcasts Get To The Right Niche


Signal Hill Insights President and founder Jeff Vidler has shared the company’s latest findings in the upward-trending world of branded podcasts. The company’s new data shows branded podcasts can boost brand affinity by an average of +8 points.

According to the latest IAB/PwC US Podcast Advertising Revenue Study, podcast ad revenues have surged by 26% in 2023, with branded content accounting for 12% of this revenue.

In Signal Hill’s 2024 Branded Podcast Benchmark Report, 61% of listeners tended to develop a more favorable view of the sponsoring brand, with content resonating due to authenticity, educational value, enthusiasm, and inspiration. Entertaining and engaging podcasts not only retain listeners but also encourage recommendations, with 65% of listeners likely to tune into another episode and 64% willing to recommend the series.

Custom integrations in established shows were found to offer similar advantages, with 72% of listeners becoming more inclined to purchase from the sponsoring brand after hearing a branded bonus episode.

Beyond standard metrics like awareness and consideration, branded podcasts can target various goals – from establishing thought leadership and driving innovation to rebranding or enhancing a CEO’s image.

Vidler says the key to differentiation in a crowded podcast landscape is delivering unique value. Brands must thoroughly understand their target audience’s preferences and create content that stands out.

For instance, the Inside Trader Joe’s podcast gives the grocer’s fans unique updates on new products. Similarly, Bring Back Bronco drew in listeners with stories celebrating the Ford Bronco’s return. However, not all brands will find such a vast overlap between their goals and audience interests, often making it a challenge to pinpoint the perfect content niche.


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