Boss Hogg Radio Named Best of Central Florida


The Leger newspaper in Central Florida named Boss Hogg Radio the winner of Favorite Radio Station in their Best of Central Florida 2020 competition. Owner Ferris Waller said, “How about that, a small little radio station running with the big dogs.”

The awards were announced at a virtual ceremony last week. Nominations and online voting were completed in October. Votes were cast by readers of The Ledger.

Boss Hogg Radio is WKFL 1170AM in Bushnell, FL; WHNR 1360AM in Winter Haven, FL; WWAB 1330AM in Lakeland, FL and WAVP 1390AM & 105.7FM in Avon Park.


  1. Mike, the full liner goes “We promise, no opera, no heavy metal, no rap and no crap.” Just a simple list of what is not played. No one at the station hates opera. Well, there is that one kid in the mailroom but really, the rest of the staff are ok with it. Same for metal and rap. Crap is subjective. Listeners shortened that liner to “No Rap, No Crap” because it’s easier to remember and it does fit on the shirts better. Oh, and look at some of what is played: Al Green, Aretha Franklin, B.B. King, Michael Jackson, Barry White, Bill Withers, Billy Ocean, Billy Preston, Stevie Wonder, Charlie Pride, Darius Rucker, Sly & The Family Stone, The O’Jays, Robert Cray, and others. Racist? I think not.

  2. I like it. The “No Rap & No Crap” slogan doesn’t bother me at all. Some people are SO SENSITIVE! I think if I were running the stations I’d change it to “No Rap Crap”, since Rap is about as Crappy as it gets!

  3. Mike.. they will NEVER get it. The mascot is a representation of the station and all its defenders. They want to talk about opera and everything else that is NOT on that sign. Ignorance at its finest.

    • Kae,

      Racism is caused by and from ignorance. Boss Hogg Radio has made it very clear what they represent and who they are. You can disagree all you want, but it does NOT change the facts that have been clearly stated by the Boss Hogg Radio Network. And, for YOU to insinuate that the ‘sign’ or [mascot] or what the Boss Hogg Radio Network really represents … is just plain HATRED … from YOU! Mascots or logos do NOT represent an entity. It’s what is provided to the listener that really is the issue and not a drawing of a pig. It’s obvious that YOU have an issue with the Boss Hogg Radio Network. If you don’t like what you hear, change the station channel. I’m sure the Boss Hogg Radio Network (WHNR-AM, WWAB-AM, WKFL-AM, WAVP-AM, WAVP-FM, is NOT going to live up to YOUR expectations or standards. If you want Rap or Opera … choose another station(s). Can’t get any simpler then [that].

    • What is wrong with the mascot/logo? It is a pig in a cowboy hat with a cigar. Just a goofy cartoon pig. No secret meanings. Like Sigmund Freud said, “sometimes a pig is just a pig”.

  4. The boss Hogg Radio Network has never been and never will be racist. Rap is NOT featured because Rap MOSTLY promotes: Violence (67 Rappers are dead from gunshot wounds!), hatred is not tolerated at the Boss Hogg Radio Network, therefore Rap is NOT promoted, Rap also promotes domestic violence, Rap promotes drug abuse … etc. Using the word “Racist” is a dangerous attitude to have … Mike. The words “Rap” and “Crap” are NOT racist words as used in it’s context. Boss Hogg Radio also does NOT feature OPERA. Does [that] make Boss Hogg Radio Racist???

  5. Well, ya better go after Cumulus, too, if you believe that’s racist. (I don’t.)

    In the early 2010s, when I was living in Houston, I remember when its Top 40 station, KRBE, was positioned, in part, as “No rap”.

    Not everything has to be “racist”, Mike.

  6. Stations that promote any type of “all the hits without rap” or “no rap or no crap” rhetoric are inherently racist. Why put down a genre to try and sell your station?

    • Mike, they are ‘selling’ their station without rap because not everyone likes rap. Like older folks. I hate dubstep which is not making me a racist. Why would that be? You are the racist because you think that rap is only done by black people. When will this madness of these leftist idiots. stop? If you find me a racist for not liking rap much. I guess I’m a racist then.

      • No, you are NOT racist, Boyd.

        The idiots who insist on confining us to racial and ‘gender’ and other identity groups are the real racists.


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