A Handful of Congressman Support Zonecasting

They are not faces you often see on CNN or Fox News, and it's only ten names, but it's support nonetheless. Ten members of Congress have sent a letter of support for Zonecasting to FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel voicing their support for the technology.

Is SoCal Hispanic Radio Getting its Fair Share?

It’s a question being asked by Meruelo Media, and was addressed at the final Hispanic Radio Conference panel held late Thursday in Miami.

All About Auto, Miami Style: Life Is Good, If Cars Are There

We’ve heard all the stories about supply chain issues, and have read the quarterly earnings reports from various radio broadcasting companies that reflect automotive ad dollar slowdowns. But, how are some of the top local deals in one of the biggest U.S. Hispanic markets faring? 

iHeart Philly Recognized

iHeartMedia Philadelphia has been named a 2022 honoree of The Civic 50 Greater Philadelphia by Philadelphia Foundation, in partnership with Points of Light and local partners.

Cataldi Opens Up

Long-time Philadelphia sports host Angelo Cataldi is retiring this December after 33 years on the air. He went on The Press Box podcast this week to talk about his time on the air, and his biggest fear; the cancel culture world we now live in.

It’s A Battle Worth Fighting

(By Rick Fink) There are times when we know that regardless of what you do, it won’t have much impact. But we also know that some things are worth standing up and fighting for.

What Is News and What Is News/Talk

(By Mike McVay) News is fact-based information. News/Talk is opinion about events, policies, and commentary about the news. The lines in most listeners minds are blurred.

Building Deeper Relationships With Your Clients

(By Loyd Ford) To truly reach beyond your competitors, you should consider how you are going to create a sense of community in association with you and your local radio brand or brands. Here are some tips on building relationships.

The Top Q1 Radio Deals

The top six radio deals in Q1 2022 totaled $57.2 million dollars. The figures are part of a new quarterly analysis from Kagan, the media research unit of S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Humanize Radio

(By Randy Lane) The bad news for radio: downsizing continues, revenues haven’t caught up to pre-Covid levels, commercial loads remain too high, listenership is declining especially with young people, music has become commoditized, and our old medium isn’t considered cool anymore.

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