Saga Shows Significant Improvement


With revenue of $28 million in the second quarter of 2021, Saga saw its revenue jump 66% from a year ago, at the height of the COVID lockdown. April was up 83%, May was up 74% and June was up 47%.

Local direct was strong for Saga in Q2. Vice President of Operations Chris Forgy said the company hammered out 5,500 spec spots in the second quarter.

Like every other radio company, Saga executives have their eyes on 2019 revenue figures. As of today Saga is pacing 9% down from Q3 2019. Saga’s net revenue for April and May in 2021 were both approximately 15-16% below 2019 while June was only down about 7%.  Q3 2021 is pacing ahead of the same period last year by 21% and below the Q3 2019 by 9%.


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