Chicago Host Suing Mayor And Governor


William Kelly, host of the Citizen Kelly Show on WCGO-1590 AM and 95.9 FM, is a plaintiff in a suit naming Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker. The suit alleges COVID-19 shutdown restrictions have harmed business owners and residents.

“We have filed suit for the people of Illinois. Every other lawsuit has, so far, missed the mark,” said Kelly. “Lives are being destroyed. People are going bankrupt. If we succeed, Mayor Lightfoot and Gov. Pritzker will pay a price, in the form of legal damages, for the terrible harm they’ve caused to people’s lives and liberties.”

The complaint, which can be viewed Here, outlines four counts. A hearing is set for October 27.


  1. This litigation is a laffer emanating from someone who is certainly unclear on the concept. Makes me wonder what other ridiculous notions this individual entertains. Perhaps he would be among the other maga-morons.

    • You’re the ridiculous one, Ronald.

      What does your Trump Derangement Syndrome — ‘maga-morons’ — have to do with this story or the Chicago host’s lawsuit?

      Nothing. Grow up.

  2. I commend this move by the Chicago host. What has been stated is 100% true and can not be denied. Regardless if the law suit wins or thrown out it is opening up a conversation for the people and what better way than local radio. Well done William Kelly, fight for your community.

  3. Unless he can show he was harmed, the suit will be thrown out. The city and state are losing tax revenue due to the shut down. They understand the issue. But a state of emergency was called, and the government has the right to do this, just as they have the right to forbid smoking in restaurants and offices.


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