Nielsen: Millenials Still Love Radio


Despite what some are saying about how the younger generation is turning away from radio and moving to the Internet for their audio consumption, Nielsen is reporting that radio is still an important part of the lives of millennials. And as millenials go through life, radio goes with them.

According to Nielsen’s fourth-quarter 2015 Total Audience Report, millenials listen to radio in many ways as they move through different life stages. In the average week, radio reaches about 90% of dependent adult millennials and 89% of on their own millennials. That number rises to 92% among millennials starting a family.

This group also contains a higher percentage of Hispanics, who tend to be heavy radio listeners. On average, according to Nielsen, radio reaches nine out of 10 millennials across all three life stages each week. And for all millenials Top 40 radio is their favorite format.

Read more about the Nielsen data on millenials HERE


  1. Don’t bet on it. Most Millennials I know wouldn’t know how to turn a Radio on unless you’re talking about Pandora. Yes they may be exposed to a Radio signal as a passive listener but this DOESN’T mean they’re a fan. They’re not “voluntary” listeners unless they’re too broke to maintain a smartphone account.


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