SAG-AFTRA Allows Contextual AI Audio Ads Under New Waiver


Instreamatic has announced a pioneering collaboration in audio artificial intelligence, allowing brands to utilize SAG-AFTRA performers under the Dynamic AI Audio Commercials Waiver for creating contextual audio ads on the Instreamatic platform.

This technology integrates voice synthesis and AI to generate dynamic ads tailored to listeners’ specific contexts, such as location, weather, or time of day.

This new waiver permits the use of original actor recordings combined with digital voice synthesis to produce ads that are highly relevant to each listener. Actors participating in these ads will receive proper compensation, including payments for each commercial created and additional payments upon airing, as stipulated by the Audio Commercials Contract.

Consent is mandatory for the use of an actor’s digital voice, ensuring ethical practices in voice replication.

Ad producers will also be required to maintain strict security measures to protect voice material and prevent unauthorized use. They must delete all copies of an actor’s voice once the employment relationship ends, ensuring further protection of voice actors’ rights.

Instreamatic CEO Stas Tushinskiy said, “Contextual audio ads dynamically deliver customized content that is of specific relevance to each listener, marking a significant advancement in audience engagement. This agreement not only ensures the fair treatment of actors but also enhances the capabilities of brands to employ top voice talent effectively.”

SAG-AFTRA National Executive Director & Chief Negotiator Duncan Crabtree-Ireland remarked, “The Dynamic AI Audio Commercials Waiver provides new job opportunities for union performers and equips them to safely work with innovative companies like Instreamatic. It establishes necessary safeguards, such as requiring consent and fair compensation, ensuring our members thrive in this evolving digital landscape.”


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