Dave Gifford, Consultant & Longtime Radio Ink Columnist, Passes


Longtime radio sales consultant and former RAB sales trainer Dave “Giff” Gifford has passed away at the age of 90, as shared by his wife. Gifford was also a frequent Radio Ink contributor in the ’90s and ’00s, known for his column “Giff on Sales.”

A teacher and coach for small and medium market operators, Gifford became a mentor and a lifelong friend to many in the radio industry. He and his wife lived in Santa Fe, NM, for decades where he ran Dave Gifford International and founded The Graduate School For Sales Management.

He is also remembered for his impactful sessions during the RAB Managing Sales Conferences in the ’80s and ’90s.

Former Radio Ink Editor-in-Chief Ed Ryan said, “Dave Gifford was the first person [Radio Ink Chairman] Eric [Rhoads] asked me to call when I became editor. I was mortified because of his legendary status as a sales trainer and writer for the magazine. We became great friends over the years and he continued to call me at least once a year when he retired just to ask me how he could help. To this day one of his classic phrases helps me succeed at selling, ‘ask and you get, don’t and you won’t.'”

Retired radio broadcaster Dave Aamodt told Radio Ink, “In my book, Giff was the best! Giff gave us small and medium-sized markets tangible sales tools and information to make us better at training, hiring, mentoring, and close more sales! What I always remember about Giff was his comment when you asked how he was, Giff would respond, ‘Damn near perfect. You, me, there are so few of us.'”


  1. Dave was a talented and generous man. He was kind enough to tell me he learned a few things from me, but over the years I, as well as hundreds of broadcasters, learned much more from him.

    Travel well Giff!

  2. Had the opportunity to work for Giff as his PD (or as he would call me “Director of Audience Development”) for a short time in Santa Fe back in the early 80s. Indeed, a good guy!

  3. Dave Gifford was such a vibrant, gifted man, truly dedicated to giving his best in order to get the best out of his clients. A good guy, who left a real mark on broadcasting…LWD


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