Business Podcast Listeners Hold Big B2B Ad Potential


In April, Signal Hill Insights shared research revealing that senior executives are twice as likely to be “power listeners” of podcasts and on-demand audio. Now they’re unveiling more data on how B2B podcasts can target more decision-makers.

Using Triton Digital Podcast Metrics Demos+ data, Signal Hill examined responses from over 12,000 monthly podcast listeners, focusing on 1,245 individuals who had listened to a business podcast in the previous month.

The business podcast audience is notably diverse, with a more balanced gender distribution compared to senior executive listeners, which comes in at 72% male. There is a higher representation among Asian and Hispanic listeners, while Black listeners are equally represented compared to the general podcast audience. White listeners index slightly lower in this category.

The average business podcast listener, much like senior executives, prioritizes being informed over entertainment. Their motivations include self-improvement, inspiration, and challenging their thinking. This audience values content that contributes to their personal and professional growth.

Business podcast listeners present an attractive target for advertisers across various sectors, with travel, luxury products, and cinema being the categories they’re most likely to partake in regularly.

Other ad categories to consider are insurance, with 41% of business podcast listeners planing to switch or purchase car or home insurance, and Quick Service Restaurants, with 30% visit fast food restaurants daily.

Business podcast listeners also consume content in technology, education, health and fitness, arts, and science genres. This indicates a broader interest in learning and self-improvement, making these genres complementary for reaching business audiences and reinforcing advertising messages.

As the B2B podcast sector grows, radio also remains a way to reach professionals and executives. A compelling example of this concept is a campaign effectiveness study conducted by MESH Experience for an IT brand, which revealed that AM/FM radio generated a stronger impact compared to TV, even though the brand invested five times more in TV advertising.

Audio continues to offer a plethora of avenues for businesses to attract a diverse and motivated audience, creating valuable opportunities for brands and podcast producers to engage with current and future business leaders.


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