AdvertiseCast Is Now ‘Libsyn Ads’ In Podcast Ad Platform Rebrand


Libsyn has announced the rebranding of its AdvertiseCast Marketplace into Libsyn Ads. The launch will be showcased at the upcoming Podcast Movement Evolutions 2024 event in Los Angeles from March 26-29.

The platform’s new identity consolidates its range of advertising services for brands to connect with podcast audiences and enhance revenue opportunities for podcast creators. Libsyn Ads features a unique US monthly audience exceeding 16 million listeners.

Chief Revenue Officer Dave Hanley stated, “Our decision to rebrand AdvertiseCast to Libsyn Ads is a natural progression of the successful execution of our platform strategy. We’ve been entrenched in podcast advertising since its inception and are proud to have built the most comprehensive portfolio of host-read, dynamic, and programmatic ad solutions.”

Libsyn VP of Marketing Rich Romano added, “Libsyn Ads simplifies our interactions with customers and prospects alike as our portfolio of services embarks on a new chapter. Libsyn Ads will harness the thrill of podcast advertising innovation, the passion for creators and brand-building, and the unwavering belief that our evolution will not only echo Libsyn’s long-standing presence in podcasting but will also elevate our connection with our audiences to new heights.”


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