Rick Selah Raised To AdvertiseCast Sales EVP At Libsyn


Podcasting platform Libsyn has promoted Rick Selah to Executive Vice President of Sales for its AdvertiseCast division. Having significantly contributed to Libsyn’s Content Partnerships since 2022, Selah’s new role focuses on expanding AdvertiseCast’s market presence and enhancing revenue streams.

With a rich background in media sales, Selah has played a crucial role in nurturing partnerships with major creators and bringing renowned shows and ABC Audio into the AdvertiseCast portfolio.

Before joining Libsyn, he co-founded PodAdReps, leading it to success and its eventual acquisition by Libsyn. His previous roles at CastPlus and Westwood One further showcase his expertise and sales leadership.

Libsyn CEO John W. Gibbons commented, “Advertisers are embracing podcast advertising as a trusted media channel that’s now on par with other dominant media channels with advanced audience targeting and attribution measurement capabilities — and our AdvertiseCast marketplace is leading the way. Rick will be instrumental in scaling our expansive podcast advertising portfolio of host-read, dynamic, and programmatic ad offerings.”

Selah said, “Podcast advertising is gaining prominence with more marketers, and Libsyn AdvertiseCast has built a foundation for accelerated growth with its deep investments in innovative advertising tools and technologies. I’m thrilled to work alongside Libsyn’s leadership team to lead sales and educate more brands on the immense potential of podcast advertising, empowering them to harness the medium’s power to engage high-value audiences and achieve measurable outcomes.”



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