The B-Man Is Back In Ohio: John Beaulieu Joins The Oasis


Dayton, OH radio icon John “B-Man” Beaulieu is coming back on the air in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky with a new role at 106.7 The Oasis (WNKR). Beaulieu is best known for the 41 years he spent at 104.7 WTUE, originally joining the station in April 1981.

Starting February 26, he will take afternoons on the popular Adult Hits station. The Dayton Area Broadcasters Hall of Fame inductee has been outside of radio since being let go by iHeartMedia in November 2022.

Beaulieu told Radio Ink, “I’m going back to old school radio and putting the Corporate world behind me. After a year of laying low, Jeff Ziesmann from Grant County Broadcasting called me and said I want you here. I’m so appreciative of the chance to play adult hits, the music I grew up on. Where the music went – it’s fun again!”


  1. B-Man your the best. Born in 1976 I grew up on TUE through the hot and cold days in East Dayton hearing you. Its unreal your not voicing it. I’m digging the new station though. Good luck man and thank you for everything.

  2. The Oasis is lucky to have B-Man! Such a compelling, creative radio force of nature! The airwaves have been missing your voice!

    Many of us have been ground up and spit out by corporate radio. I’m so glad you landed with this great group!

  3. I worked in radio sales with you some years back …retired back in 2011. Congratulations B-Man…you’ve always been one of the best. I share your thoughts on big corporate radio. All radio is and should be local.

  4. John is a good guy. So happy for you B-Man. From WCWT, to WTUE… Eventually iHeart will fail . I can only hope that many of their stations will end up back in the hands of local owners.

  5. FINALLY!!! It’s nice to know there are still people out there in “The Industry” that recognize REAL talent and what the listeners really want to hear. CONGRATULATIONS B-MAN!!! We’re glad you’re back.

  6. Can’t think of anyone better for the job than B-Man! We’ve missed him and we’re looking forward to his return to the airwaves!!!


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