Alice Cooper Makes Radio Return With New Nightly Show


Months after Alice Cooper announced the end of his long-running radio show, Nights With Alice Cooper, the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer is back on the air with a new nightly program and a new syndication partner. Alice’s Attic has debuted in the US via Superadio.

The revamped show continues with the same creative team behind Nights With Alice Cooper, which came to a conclusion in September 2023 after United Stations Radio Network’s acquisition by GeminiXIII. classic rock, lesser-known gems, and potential future hits, complemented by Cooper’s insightful narratives on the music and its creators.

Alice’s Attic is set to air five hours from Monday to Thursday, with special editions scheduled for the weekends. Outside of the US, the show also has Australian affiliates , with Canadian and UK expansion coming soon.

The new show arrives as Cooper prepares for a full year of touring, with Australia, Europe, and North America on the itinerary.

Cooper commented, “To all of my insane radio minions, I’m BACK. And if you thought 20 years of Nights With Alice Cooper was weird, just wait until you get into Alice’s Attic! Just think about who or what could be lurking in all these dusty old boxes. We’ve got the same team behind the new show and so you’ll find the show fairly familiar, but we’re all looking forward to getting a little more creative with introducing new elements to keep things from getting stale.


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