Mack and Dunlap Out At KDKA Mornings In Pittsburgh


Chris Mack and Colin Dunlap who were previously co-hosts of The Fan Morning Show on KDKA have been moved into new roles within Audacy Pittsburgh. After the pair’s extended absence from the show, VP and Market Manager Michael Spacciapolli confirmed Mack and Dunlap’s reassignment to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The duo has been given expanded multimedia roles within the cluster, which include appearances on all five Audacy Pittsburgh stations, television appearances, and contributions to written and video content for KDKA’s website and social media.

This puts rumors to rest that Mack and Dunlap had been fired. Now that an announcement has been made, both have discussed the changes on their own social media accounts. In a Twitter exchange where a listener said he was demoted, Dunlap clarified he was, “Not demoted. I was offered a great opportunity w all the stations. I’m going to be on all shows, go to practices and games, write/do web features/videos/social on the best stories and things I feel need to be covered deeper. Radio isn’t just radio anymore – it’s multi-platformed.”

The Fan Morning Show has yet to name permanent successors. Dorin Dickerson and Adam Crowley will temporarily lead the show along with various guest hosts until a new plan is made.



  1. Not sure I understand management’s thinking here. How do you reassign your AM drive talent to what appears to be unspecified duties without having a clear succession plan? This says nothing about the radio silence that was evident for days after Dunlap and Mack disappeared from the sir with no announcement. Puhleeeze!


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