Your FCC Fees Could Be Going Down This Year


The FCC has released a plan that would result in U.S. radio stations paying lower regulatory fees this year. The proposed fee schedule, which is yet to be officially adopted, would provide more substantial relief to radio stations in the smallest markets. Most stations would save several hundred dollars.

The Commission also suggests splitting the lowest population tier for AM and FM broadcasters into two, resulting in larger fee reductions for stations in markets with under 10,000 people. The FCC acknowledges concerns raised by broadcaster groups about the impact of increasing regulatory fees on small independent broadcasters.

The commission aims to collect approximately $390.2 million in regulatory fees this year, with TV and radio broadcasters contributing $55.7 million. Broadcast groups, including the NAB, have been critical of the way fees are allocated by the Commission. The FCC is seeking comments on various aspects of the proposed plan, including allowing prepayment of fees in installments and continuing relief measures implemented during the pandemic.


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