NAB Hosts Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Forum


The National Association of Broadcasters and the NAB Leadership Foundation hosted a Human Resources and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Forum on Tuesday.

“NABLF’s mission is to equip our industry with the best tools to attract, train and retain the innovative and talented broadcasters that will shape our future,” Michelle Duke, NABLF’s president and the chief diversity officer at NAB, said in a statement. “This forum will help hiring managers and broadcast executives understand the needs of their employees and ensure organizations are well-positioned to meet the challenges of tomorrow.”

NAB’s Chief Legal Officer Rick Kaplan started the forum office with welcome remarks, along with Kelly Benefits Strategies Senior Consultant Gene Bateman.

Other sessions included:

  • The Necessary Journey: Making Real Progress on Equity and Inclusion with Dr. Ella Washington, an organizational psychologist and DEI expert.
  • What Gets Measured Gets Improved: How to Use DE&I Audits to Improve DE&I Accountability with Dr. Solange Charas, a board director, adjunct professor and a senior-level HR executive.
  • A discussion on best practice and new strategies for success spearheaded by Sharn D. Fitzpatrick, the CEO of the Fitzpatrick Group

For more information on the NAB Leadership Foundation, go HERE.


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