Spreaker Releases Audience Segmentation Solution


iHeartMedia’s programmatic ad tech division Spreaker has released a first-party data audience segmentation solution that the company says will provide a way to reach complex and specific audiences at scale by layering multiple data points and direct sales across the Spreaker network.

“Depreciating accuracy from third-party data, limitations on mobile device identifiers, and the loss of tracking cookies continue to have an unfavorable effect on those relying on third-party data for podcast advertising,” Martin Haro, the lead of data and insights at Spreaker, said on Wednesday. “Now with Spreaker’s first-party data audience segments, our solution ingests data through AI and machine learning from real listeners’ listening patterns, behaviors, and podcast content, which has enabled us to build specific audience segments that have proven to be 3X more accurate than third-party data.”

Spreaker started testing its first-party data for audience segmentation in June with a handful of advertisers and agencies. The solution allows advertisers to directly connect with audiences within precise targeting parameters, which avoid mass targeting.

“The results are impressive,” a Spreaker spokesperson said in a press release.

For more information, e-mail [email protected].


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