Andrew Colton Named Morning Show Host in Miami


iHeart Media says it has tapped Andrew Colton to host its morning show at Miami news-talk station WIOD (610 AM).

“We are pleased to introduce Andrew Colton as the new host of WIOD’s predominant live and local morning drive information program,” said Shari Gonzalez, the market president for iHeart Media in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. “With Andrew’s journalism expertise and deep connections to South Florida, he is a worthy broadcaster to step into this role.”

Colton succeeds Jimmy Cefalo, who will remain at the station as a news commentator, iHeart Media said.

“Jimmy Cefalo is a true South Florida broadcasting legend,” Gonzalez affirmed. “We thank Jimmy for a wonderful 14 years and are thrilled he will remain a commentator on NewsRadio 610, WIOD.”

Colton joins WIOD from Colton Legal Media Worldwide, where he served as a litigation and media expert. Prior to starting his own business, he hosted the nationally-syndicated Wall Street Journal This Morning and served as a national correspondent for the satellite news feeds for ABC- and CBS-affiliated stations.

“South Florida is a hotbed news, information, and influence in the nation and the world,” Colton said in a statement. “We’ve recently welcomed huge numbers of transplants from the Northeast, Midwest, and other countries who have always relied on radio as a vital information source. WIOD is that source here, and I encourage anyone who wants to know what everyone is talking about to join us weekday mornings from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m.”

Colton’s first day as WIOD’s morning news host will be Monday, January 9, 2023.


  1. Colton’s overwhelming political bias makes it difficult for him to present news items in a fair and balanced way. But that is probably what ownership wants.

  2. Your Andrew Colton wasn’t a good fit for replacing Jimmy. Jimmy fit in with what south Florida is all about. He sounds like all the other whiny crybabies from the liberal states. You must live in Boca Andrew. If you don’t like the way it is down here move back and take your family too your son must wear a dress to school. Hey Andrew your 25 year vacation is over move back. I have listened to Wiod ever since Neil Rodgers we knew where we stood with him. Get off the fence Andrew we don’t care how you do it. Natalie and Manny would’ve been a better fit. Natalie can do it on her own she doesn’t need someone like Andrew

  3. WIOD. Is not the station it use to be. It was an interesting, information station with local personalities. Love talk shows. Miss the station it use to be. Miss Snitch. We could use some popular or classical music. Enough Latin stations.


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