Selena Gomez Partners with SiriusXM on Channel


Musician Selena Gomez has partnered with SiriusXM for a limited-run satellite and streaming radio channel that debuts on Friday.

Selena Gomez Radio will air on channel 14 and is expected to feature Gomez’s music along with a curated playlist of songs hand-picked by the musician from across a number of genres, including pop, rhythm and classics.

The channel is tied to the promotion of Gomez’s upcoming Apple TV+ documentary Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me, which is also expected to debut on Friday (a song by the same name will start playing in rotation on Selena Gomez Radio). The channel runs through Thursday, November 10, after which it will move exclusively to SiriusXM’s streaming radio until early December.

SiriusXM has used channel 14 as a rotating format station since its previous station, The Coffee House, moved to channel 6 last year. Over the summer, channel 14 was used to bring Yacht Rock Radio to the satellite service for the summer. Prior to the launch of Selena Gomez Radio, channel 14 hosted Queens of Pop, which is also available as an on-demand streaming station.


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