(SALES) 40 Ways To Sell More Radio

(By Wayne Ens) Ad dollars are tight but if you do your homework you can still bring home bacon. Here are 40 tips to help you do just that.
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(TALENT) Radio’s Limiting Values/Beliefs

(By Ron Robinson) Unlike so many corporate producers of packaged foods, radio is not knowingly attempting to make consumers fat, sick, and crazy. Radio, however, does depend on consumer gullibility and ignorance to maintain its position as the number-five major media provider. Consumers, meanwhile, are waking up to how they are being skewered by any number of corporate and government organizations.


In 2015, our top five Program Directors were Chris Conley from WLTW at #1, WCBS-FM's Jim Ryan at #2, Kevin Weatherly at KROQ in Los Angeles in the third position, WBLS' Skip Dillard at #4, and WBZ/WZLX Boston PD Mike Thomas. Who will be the best in the programming department this year? Submit your detailed nomination HERE. YOUR DEADLINE TO NOMINATE IS TODAY.

(AUDIO) We Would Pay More For Shorter Stopsets

Those are the words of Ad Agency Executives Blair Overesch (pictured) and Jeff Chase. Overesch is the Media Director and Chase is the Creative Director at Walz Tetrick Advertising in Kansas City . Their clients include the World Champion Kansas City Royals and Dairy Queen. In our latest podcast, Chase and Overesch, who are big proponents of radio, say they would be willing to pay more if their clients didn't get lost in a long pod of horrible-sounding commercials. It's just one of the topics we discuss in the podcast, however it is the hot topic of the week. LISTEN HERE

Why 1010 WINS Is One Of The Best In The World

In this day and age of limited staffs, budget cuts, and failing all-news stations, 1010 WINS in New York City continues to do outstanding work. This most recent piece of news we're going to detail is especially strong, it's something only a handful of radio news operations would even attempt. It includes excellent reporting with very detailed news broadcasts, tackling an issue that has the local community by the jugular.

Randy Michaels: The FCC is About To Ruin AM Radio

Whether you're a small market AM operator or you run a Class A, your hope is that the FCC's plan to revitalize the band will improve the quality of the sound the band spits out to your listeners. Over the years, The AM band has become sensitive to every product we plug in the wall giving it added buzz, crackles and other assorted sounds that instantly turn off the listener now living in a digitally clear world.

FCC Sends Out Pirate Warning

For quite some time, broadcasters have been concerned about pirate radio stations. They want the FCC to do more to take them down. On Wednesday, the FCC sent out an "enforcement advisory" to inform those who may be helping pirates operate...

NAB, NY Broadcasters Praise

After reading the "Enforcement Advisory" sent out by the FCC, several organizations declared their support for the government's attempt to tackle pirates. Both the NAB and the New York State Broadcasters Association issued statements.

AM Cheerleader To Keynote Hispanic Conference

He's been radio's biggest government ally on the subject of AM revitalization and he's a keynote speaker at Radio Ink's Hispanic Radio Conference in Fort Lauderdale later this month.

Pirates, KDKA Extend Agreement

MLB's Pittsburgh Pirates and KDKA-FM have agreed to a multi-year broadcast contract extension. The all-sports station will continue to be the Pirates' flagship station and broadcast 16 Spring Training games, 162 regular season games, and any post-season action.

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