Lets Not Lose Our Relationships


(By Buzz Knight) A crisis demands action. Hopefully it delivers the correct actions. As we mightily battle the new challenges and try to create new opportunities, the speed of our actions without question is vital.

I get concerned that our speed with regard to our relationships is creating new problems.

When I define relationships I’m thinking of our relationship with our audiences and our clients. Granted both require some different strategies but as relationship is defined “the state of being connected” is universal.

Our audience relationship is under assault when it comes to the in person connection and the deep relationship at large with our audiences. In most cases due to COVID listeners can no longer come to the station in-person for studio tours or to pick up their prizes. Station appearances with on air talent have been dramatically cut back and altered. So how are you keeping tabs on your relationship with your listeners?

Are you communicating with them frequently via your email/database offering with valuable communication? Does your audience have an easy way to reach you and give you feedback? Are you maximizing your communication with your audience via every platform available to you?

This is the time to step up your strategy of connectivity via Facebook, Facebook Live, Twitter, Instagram and You Tube as a road to deepening your relationship with your audience.

The same holds true when it comes to your relationship with your clients. Their world has been rocked during this crisis and the way they conduct business has changed as well.

Have you figured out how to deepen your relationship even further with your clients? Do they truly feel you are a problem solving partner with them? As the world is challenged navigating this crisis, don’t lose site of your important relationships and try to figure out ways to let the crisis motivate us to greatness.

Buzz Knight is the CEO of Buzz Knight Media and can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]



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