Houston’s Patriot Talk Debuts Radio.Cloud Platform


Hispanic Broadcasting Inc.’s Patriot Talk (KYST-AM) in Houston is the first to launch Radio.Cloud’s cloud-native automation and programming model. This allows the Conservative talk station to fully operate from its transmitter site.

All satellite feeds are directly incorporated into the cloud-based workflow, meaning the station can broadcast anywhere using a web browser, a microphone, and an internet connection.

Radio.Cloud CEO & Founder Christian Brenner said, “We are very proud of our partnership with KYST-AM as it demonstrates the power of our new operating model. We believe it’s critical that radio continues to innovate in this ever-changing environment and still be able to deliver customized local content in a cost-efficient manner.”

KYST flipped from Hispanic talk on January 1, introducing Conservative commentators like Dan Bongino with FOX News and FOX Business News coverage, along with other syndicated hosts like Rob Carson, Wendy Bell, and Rich Valdes.


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