Hispanic Houston AM Flipping Conservative As Demo Changes


As more of the United States’ Latino voters swing Republican, one Hispanic Houston AM is flipping from Spanish-language talk to “Patriot Talk.” KYST-AM, now known as La 920, will change format on January 1 and add Conservative voices like Dan Bongino. The station, owned by Hispanic Broadcasting, Inc., will carry FOX News and FOX Business News coverage alongside Bongino, Rob Carson, Wendy Bell, Rich Valdes, and other syndicated hosts.

While the majority of Latino voters in the US voters remain Democrats, there was a ten percent shift to the right between the 2018 midterms and the 2022 midterms. CNN found Republicans’ support among Hispanic men was 37% in 2018 and hit 45% in 2022, while one-third of Latina voters side with Conservatives.

Pew Research Center data showed, “60% of Hispanic voters cast ballots for Democrats compared with 39% who supported Republicans. This 21-point margin is smaller than in 2018, when 72% of Hispanic voters favored Democrats and 25% supported Republicans.”

Hispanic Broadcasting, Inc. President Matthew Velasquez said, “We’re excited to bring Houston listeners a better choice in News/Talk radio. The mission of Patriot Talk 920 AM is to become the leader in conservative talk radio with programming that reflects our core values of family, faith, and freedom.”


  1. Oh good Lord, the cult is even using his hairstyle as a logo now. And it doesn’t even look good as a logo, either, that’s a ridiculously terrible design.

    • OMG ??!?? This is your takeaway from this article…?!? SMH on another “dim-ocrap” pov…. one of the most “waste of space comments” I cannot unsee, especially without even taking an unbiased listen before opining in…
      Great Logo, PATRIOT TALK RADIO, onwards & upwards*!*
      Ignore the morons


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