Shertenlieb Bumps McKenzie and Ford For Boston Radio Return


Listeners of Boston’s 100.7 WZLX were stunned this morning as iHeartMedia confirmed that Pete McKenzie and Heather Ford have been suddenly removed from the station lineup. Perhaps even more stunning? Their replacement: former WBZ host Rich Shertenlieb.

The duo had been on WZLX since 2005, along with their former co-host Kevin Karlson. Karlson passed away unexpectedly in October.

McKenzie and Ford were not heard on the morning broadcast, there was simply a station spokesperson on air when the show would have started saying, “On behalf of everyone here at WZLX, we’d like to share some news about the future of Boston’s Classic Rock. First and foremost, we’d like to thank Pete McKenzie and Heather Ford for all the laughter, wild stories, and fun moments they have brought to Boston morning radio over the years. We truly appreciate them. With that said, we have decided to close that chapter of WZLX.”

The message continued, “After careful consideration, it was our decision to bring you, the loyal WZLX listener, a new show to take us into the future. We will debut this new show soon. Stay tuned to WZLX for more details today.”

Later that afternoon, Rich Shertenlieb took to social media to announce his radio comeback saying, “Non-competes are the worst.” The former Toucher and Rich co-host left Beasley Media Boston’s 98.5 The Sports Hub in November, after choosing not to extend his contract. Fred Toucher had revealed conflict over text messages about unresolved issues, which led to separate contract negotiations.

Despite the strained relationship, Toucher expressed respect for their time together but was uncertain about future communications with Shertenlieb.


  1. Bad enough to have all the IHeart commercials throughout the show but now firing Heather and Pete. I’ve been a loyal, 5:30 am listener since the biggening of ZLX with Betsy and Scott.
    Now I’m done. Sirus XM, Classic Vinyl, or Rock Wall, No commercials!!
    Pete, Heather the best to you!!!

  2. I have listened to WXLX every day and was devastated to hear of Kevin Karlson’s passing. Karlson, McKenzie and Heather were the BEST! I will never listen to this station again. Such piss poor treatment of Heather and Pete.

  3. I removed Wzlx from my radios TV’s I-pad computer and phones If Kevin was around he would push you no-heart losers back to NY where you belong The new replacement Pete who cares what this loser’s name is has a less than stellar reputation in Boston radio You no-heart clowns should stay out of Boston after your classless move to replace Pete and Heather I wish no-heart and Petey all the worst and hope the morning show folds like a $3.00 suitcase You no-heart nitwits don’t have a clue what you’ve done

  4. I agree with everything everyone is saying. I was a dedicated listener since the beginning. Granted, the music fit my taste, but I always preferred to hear them talk and tell their stories instead of play music. And about the K&M show. I’ve said for MANY years that it should have been the K,M&H show before they finally gave Heather the recognition she deserved.

    So WZLX was always my number 1 radio station and was always the first button preset in my car. Now I need a replacement. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  5. What a Big mistake!! The “No Heart” app has been deleted. We turned on ZLX every morning to be sure to hear the intro. As the music kept playing last Monday morning after 5:30, I thought they were having technical complications getting the show started. When we heard the recorded announcement we were devastated! My husband and I were 5:30 “club” members and looked forward every week day to Kevin (rip), Pete and Heather and then Pete, Heather and Kenny. We have been listening for over 20 years and their show made our commute so much easier. We love you Pete, Heather and Kenny and will miss you very much! We will never listen to the station again. My prized WZLX Coozie went in the trash. Goodbye WZLX

  6. Will never listen again. You lost another loyal fan. Pete and Heather were the best thing in the morning. They will sorely be missed.

  7. Pete and Heather you two guys are the best as well as Kevin was It is a classless act to break up the ZLX morning show The bozos at no/heart radio don’t know or don’t care about the Morning Show They are not aware how important it is to listen to to the hilarious and crazy bantering going on I will miss it since I have been a ZLX er since the show started God bless Spike from Rio

  8. I concur with all the comments below. No more WXLX for me nor my office mates since it is obvious that iHeart Radio doesn’t care about its listeners.

  9. By far, the most bonehead move that any radio station has ever made. I have listened to this show from the beginning. I have been a 5:30 club member from the day they started. I cant believe that this is how it ends. No heart has killed the golden goose. I will no longer wake up to the radio at 5:30 AM again. Not only will I not wake up to the radio, but I will not listen to any thing that is no heart. I to have deleted the app from my phone and computer. No more no heart.
    I wish all the best to Pete and Heather. They were the best. They should not have been treated like that.

  10. I can’t believe how no heart handled this. Just letting Heather and Pete go after they continued on with the show after Kevin passed. They were true professionals, unlike no heart radio. I wish Pete and Heather nothing but the best. I wish they had the opportunity to talk to their fans. I will be looking for a new station.

  11. Not happy about the firing of Pete and Heather. I week never listen to this station again. You lost a listener.

  12. It could be that tyler’s responsibility. I am going to boycott ZLX forever !! Either way it sucks. Pete and Heather deserve way better. Best morning show in years in Boston.

  13. I’ve been listening to WZLX since before Karlson McKenzie and Heather . After the loss they suffered to do this without warning just shows Iheart radio has no heart. Changing stations now and not coming back.

  14. Sad news first thing on my Monday morning. Wishing Pete and Heather all the best-I’ll miss you both. No more WZLX in the morning for me.

  15. I like classic rock, in the mornings I enjoyed pete, heather and (kevin). For the evening commute, I’d put on Spotify or pandora to listen to what I want. Now I’ll stop the morning routine. WZLX will lose out. Good luck to Pete and Heather, I liked their show.

  16. Deleted the I- Heart app on my phone and computer. Won’t be listening to any I-Heart anything after this classless move.

  17. Hope my radio dial works because I’ll have to change the station been listening to Zac since 99 time to change stations

  18. I agree I will not be listening to ZLX and this Yahoo, Shertenlieb who was bad on sports radio. Now he will ruin Classic Rock. I now need to find another Classic Rock station to listen to in the morning!!!
    Bad Move iHeart Radio.

  19. I will never listen to ZLX ever again iheartradio morons don’t now jack about a loyal fan base and beloved hosts. They think they know what Bostonians want without ever asking them that would be their overbearing management style….we will tell you what to like😢 so I hope everyone boycotts this lame ass station to the point of them having to beg Pete and Heather to come back and they say F*CK YOU


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