Motor Racing Network Makes Distribution Change To Audio 1


As the 2024 NASCAR season gets underway, Motor Racing Network is transferring its distribution of live and on-demand content from Westwood One’s Wegner platform to Audio 1’s XDS service and the Trucast platform.

The transition will affect more than 350 radio stations broadcasting MRN’s NASCAR programming, including its newest ten affiliates. For 30 days, the content will be simultaneously available through Westwood One, providing affiliates time to adapt.

Motor Racing Network President Chris Schwartz said, “Our partnership with Audio 1 positions us well for the future while allowing us to meet the needs of our affiliate base today.”

Audio 1 CEO Chip Miller commented, “We are beyond thrilled that MRN has chosen Audio 1 as their distribution partner. Audio 1 has built a robust new infrastructure with partner flexibility in mind. We are ready to handle the needs of all content providers, large or small, from live sporting events to weekend programs and self-syndication.”


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