Los Angeles’ Meruelo Media Addresses Radio Staff Cuts


Following numerous layoffs across its Los Angeles stations, Meruelo Media is discussing the changes made to staff over the past several days for the first time. Meruelo President and CEO Otto Padron shared his message to all staff with Radio Ink.

The cuts featured four midday hosts: PJ Butta of KDAY and KDEY-FM, Carolina Marquez at KLLI, Bryhana Monegain of KPWR, and Marci Wiser of KLOS was unoccupied. Additionally, DJ Felli Fel, who has held the afternoon slot at KPWR since 2000, was laid off as well.

The reduction in force not only affected the on-air talent but also part-time and off-air staff.

Padron’s full memo addressing the lay offs reads:


As you may have heard, this past week I’ve had to make some tough staff reductions that have impacted very special team members. The difficult reality of those leaving our company is not something I take lightly. As such, I want to offer my sincere thanks for their numerous contributions and dedication to our team.

These staff reductions are not only the result of continued headwinds in our industry but are necessary adjustments to enable us to build and execute our strategic vision for the future. This is a transformative phase that requires us to think differently about how we do business and how our teams are organized.

While this is not an easy process for any of us. I firmly believe we have much to be excited about.

Thank you for your continued focus, dedication, and resilience.”


  1. What a dumb move. They should have let Heidi go. She gives nothing to the show. Tries so hard to be funny and she’s not. Frank always cutting her off to shut her up. Let the guys do the morning show.

  2. I sure am going to miss Marci’s bootcamp! Best sixty minutes on the radio. I listened to klos midday every day just to hear that show and I live in Myrtle Beach S.C.!

  3. Marci is the greatest, my mid day sucks at work now, are you people crazy for getting rid of a beloved LA family member, Rock on Marci , I’ll listen for your return!

  4. Marci Wiser was KLOS. All of my friends and me listen to her and she was the best. What KLOS should have done get rid of idiots that ran KLOS. l have listened to klos for a long time.Marci Wiser was the very very best DJ in the whole LA.Now your radio station is going to lose a lot of listeners in LA.KLOS is now a disaster and not a radio station.You will never be the same and you flop more then the pancakes at IHOP.By by KLOS I will never listen to KLOS anymore. You assholes at the top put KLOS in ruins for good. What a bunch idiots to get layoff Marci Wiser the very very very best DJ KLOS ever had on the air.

  5. Marci Wiser, Was absolutely the Best… KLOS, you let the wrong DJ go. You shoulda gotten rid of that GoofBall Frank and Heidi who’s just there to get her $ and let Marci run from Morning to Afternoon… Now that would have brought you HIGH RATINGS. Now you blew it…. I’m going back to Jack, unfortunately. KLOS, what happened to you guys!

  6. Marci’s Boot Camp was the best 60+ minutes on radio! Where else could you hear, commercial free, the likes of The Stones, Kraftwerk, Neil Diamond, Bee Gees, STP, Pink Floyd, The Clash, Lou Reed, all on one show? Great variety and Marci kept it fun, spontaneous and entertaining. I’ve already stopped listening to KLOS.

  7. KLOS has been like horribly stale bread for years. Since Mark and Brian left. Their morning show is two absolute weirdos- a lesbian and a fat guy guy. Neither one has a clue, how to relate to normal people. The show is a train wreck. And the afternoon show is just as bad– 2 dudes, not funny. They sound like 2 cackling old ladies. The station is a joke.

  8. I listened to Marci everday, I’m also a fan of sluggo and Kevin. But during mid day I won’t be listening to KLOS anymore.

  9. I moved to Victorville from ROSEMEAD over a year ago, and still listened to KLOS just for Marci, and Full Metal Jackie even though it came in all staticy, I hope she comes to The Fox 106.5 up here

  10. Sorry to heard that Marci was let go. Enjoyed listening to her bootcamp and interviews with various artists. KLOS blew it! It’s their lost and their competitors gain!

  11. She was an absolute core for me during the pandemic and beyond!She was a great assest to KLOS-poor choice! I wish KMET was still around…KLOS is sinking quick!

  12. Marci Wiser getting cut makes NO sense!
    She was LOVED by so many people!
    Her interviews w/ artists were awesome – even the artists loved her.
    You could have let Frank & Heidi go do their upcoming new thing and gave Marci another 4hrs on air and you would have been FINE!
    Now, you’ve shot yourself in the foot and I hope you get help.

  13. WOW….You kept the morning show morons , who talk about crap, and got rid of Marci who made 4 hours of music fun……Wrong move Klos…..all these stations are setting it up for no more LIVE DJs and streaming statuses only…….SHAME ON YOU KLOS….

  14. Missing Marci big time at klos. A real talent along the lines of Jim Ladd. Now klos mid day is like Jack fm. And nobody likes jack,, its like soviet brutalsim . Good job assholes.

  15. Marci is smart, funny, knows her music, is the best on-air personality, has the best voice and brought listeners back every day because she is the BEST!!
    What a bad decision Meruelo Media made.
    I was a daily listener because of Marci and the way she made us LA listeners feel good like we were listening to our friend.
    For me, the music was just in between getting back to hearing Marci’s show.
    Meruelo Media, you lost me and I am sure a large amount of other listeners. I took 95.5 off my dial and I’ll listen to Go Country 105 so I won’t support you any longer.

  16. I’m disgusted at your decision to cut Marci. She was my favorite KLOS personality. I love KLOS but I’m gone, there are many other options. And I will be listening to them and not you. Hope this bites you in the butt.

  17. KLOS Cut Marci Wiser and left the Three Morning BOOBS and the afternoon Rejects some guy Named SLUGGO….Marci is the best and most informative Radio DJ on the Air in Los Angeles.
    Very sad! i TURN ON klos at 10 am every morning after those three boobs sign off and then it stats on til 3. Now its ever going to be on. I’LL SWAP BACK to Jackfm.

  18. I’ve listened to Marci for many years, and I thought she was a talented personality. I was shocked to hear she was cut from the station. Needless to say, I won’t be listening to KLOS anymore, as I have since the 70’s. It’s streaming or Sirius XM for me now.

  19. What keeps us listening to public radio? Well it’s not the million commercials, it’s the on air talent, I can put on pandora and get minimal advertising and pick what I want to listen to, or more precise Spotify but I enjoy the DJ’ s and KLOS had many of my favorites that keep me tuning in. I’m sad to see Marci go, I guess the station could fully automate like JackFM and keep all the money, but Jack sucks. I streaming in the afternoon at work will be my new normal with much less commercials.

  20. I’m on the road all day, Marci’s shift was welcomed to have a DJ that was a DJ and was into the music the station plays.
    The Bootcamp was wonderful to hear deep cuts and stuff off the normal rotation. Let alone participate in.
    Sorry but the “headwinds” get a win against this because I’ll be streaming Pandora or Spotify without her.

  21. While I always hate to see a “LIVE” D.J. (Talkin’ to you JACK!) lose their job, I am not sorry to have her off the air and there must be reasons they chose her over somebody else (Greg Beharrell for instance). Obviously it had to do with money considering the layoffs at the other stations, but maybe it also had to do with her On Air Personality, something that has always grated me for a number of reasons. I listen at work and I have always found her to be a bit immature with her innuendo jokes (Example: “Always time for Bush” almost every time she played Bush it seemed like) and the fact that she seemed to quite often have to rush at the end before playing whatever was up next, and it did not matter if it was a commercial, promo or song, which gets really irritatingwhenyouhearitallthetime. I can understand why people liked her, know many people that do and I did early in her time @ KLOS, but maybe she was just not everyone’s cup of tea and they let KLOS know during that survey that they just had the listeners take.

  22. Marci was one of the best the station had its a sad choice to let someone go with such great talent and personality, Music knowledge to be let go ! Not to mention the huge popularity of Marci , she has always been a family favorite and I hope you realize the huge mistake you’ve made !


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