Social Media, YouTube Drive Mass Audience Share For Podcasters


For podcasters looking to find new audience streams to tap into, YouTube continues to become a top destination. Cumulus Media and Signal Hill Insights’ Fall 2023 Podcast Download has unveiled new insights into podcast consumption.

The eleventh edition of the survey, conducted by MARU/Matchbox, studied the habits of 608 weekly podcast listeners.

The findings show YouTube is a discovery hub for podcasts, with 19% of all weekly podcast consumers and 26% of those aged 18-34 using it to find new content. The platform is uniquely positioned between audio and social media, offering features like recommendations and community engagement through comments.

The popularity of YouTube for podcasts has only been bolstered by parent company Alphabet’s decision to sunset Google Podcasts last year, consolidating under the YouTube Music app.

As for the reach of podcasts into social media, the report reveals that 50% of weekly consumers actively follow their favorite podcast hosts across various social platforms, with Instagram leading at 57%, marking a notable increase from earlier in the year. YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter/X are also popular platforms for followers, while TikTok’s usage among podcast fans has risen to 29%.

Younger listeners, particularly those aged 18-34, exhibit higher rates of following their favorite podcast hosts on social media compared to older demographics.

Lastly, the report highlights the eagerness of podcast listeners to consume new episodes, with two-thirds of weekly consumers tuning in within 24 hours of release. This indicates a strong engagement level and a demand for timely content among podcast fans.

The MARU/Matchbox results reinforce similar findings from Coleman Insights and Amplifi Media’s recent study showing YouTube’s dominance over Spotify and Apple Podcasts in the US. Compared to Spotify, YouTube led in enjoyability (70% vs. 30%), ease of use (67% vs. 33%), and podcast recommendations (62% vs. 38%). Against Apple Podcasts, YouTube’s advantage was even more significant, excelling in ease of use (76% vs. 24%), enjoyability (71% vs. 29%), and podcast recommendations (68% vs. 32%).


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