iHeart Unwraps Christmas Classic In ‘George Bailey’ Podcast


A new podcast from iHeartPodcasts, Double Asterisk, and True Stories goes behind the scenes on one of the greatest Christmas movies of all time: It’s a Wonderful LifeGeorge Bailey Was Never Born features interviews with influencers, artists, and real-life counterparts to the movie’s characters.

Narrated by the character Joseph from the 1947 film directed by Frank Capra, the podcast features interviews with Jimmy Stewart’s daughter Kelly Stewart Harcourt, Donna Reed’s daughter Mary Owen, Frank Capra III, Monica Capra Hodges, and Philip Van Doren Stern’s grandchildren.

The podcast unveils several untold stories related to the film. These range from the copyright lapse by Rashida Jones’ grandfather to Republic regaining control in 1993, the New York Times’ role in reinterpreting the film’s meaning, and the movie’s anti-fascist and abolitionist themes, which resonate with contemporary political movements.

Listeners are taken on a journey to the “real” Bedford Falls, Seneca Falls, NY, with three episodes focusing on community banker Menzo Case’s efforts to provide affordable housing through Seneca County Habitat For Humanity’s Bailey Park. Sadly, Case’s recent passing has left the future of this initiative uncertain. In response, Double Asterisk is donating a portion of the podcast’s proceeds to Bailey Park and encouraging donations to local Habitat for Humanity chapters and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, reflecting the film’s themes of affordable homeownership and suicide prevention.


    • It is SO GOOD. And I like that I can pick the order of episodes I want to listen to. It reminds me of a very well produced audio book.


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