SiriusXM Unveils New Logo, App, and Major Plans For 2024


On Wednesday, SiriusXM held its anticipated Next Generation reveal, which contained plenty of teases for 2024 while revealing few details. The high note of the event was the announcement of a redesigned logo and revamped streaming app due December 14. Features of the app include a personalized interface with content tailored to individual preferences, improved search functions, and a more intuitive media player.

SiriusXM’s redesigned brand identity also includes a more competitive streaming “All Access Plan,” priced at $9.99 monthly. Chief Commercial Officer Joe Verbrugge disclosed new partnerships and distribution agreements, notably with Audible and Polestar, as well as integration into Hilton’s Connected Room Experience at select properties in 2024.

As for car connectivity, a brief showing of a prototype system in the Cadillac Lyric included some of the more intriguing developments in the event. Features included ignition-on smart recommendations, audience participation features and polls via the touchscreen for shows, voice search, and enhanced sports presentation, including the ability to change the car’s interior lights to match team colors.

New original celebrity content was also introduced, including the Kelly Clarkson Connection channel and a dedicated channel curated by Ashley Flowers of audiochuck. More channel reveals included Dolly Parton’s Rockstar Radio, Smokey Robinson’s Smokey’s Soul Town and Shaggy’s Boombastic Radio. Previously announced offerings like the Life with John Mayer channel and James Corden’s debut audio show This Life of Mine were also mentioned.

SiriusXM will launch a massive rebranding and multiplatform advertising campaign in January, to be spearheaded by the company’s new Agency of Record, Uncommon Creative Studio.

SiriusXM CEO Jennifer Witz stated, “The introduction of the new SiriusXM streaming experience marks a pivotal moment in our history, one that kicks off a new era of innovation at our Company. And this launch is just the beginning; we will continue to iterate and develop our product offerings throughout the next year and beyond as we strive to deliver our subscribers the best listening experience on the go, in the car, and wherever they choose to tune in. From can’t miss live moments to the perfect soundtrack for any occasion, with the new SiriusXM, we are putting our differentiators at the forefront and welcoming in a new generation of listeners, bringing them closer to what they love.”


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