Here’s What’s Coming In Spotify’s ‘Supremium’ Tier


Spotify appears to be inching closer to the launch of its “Supremium” service, as new details emerge about its features. Discovered by developer Chris Messina within the Spotify app’s code, the Supremium tier will not only offer 24-bit lossless audio but will also include AI-generated playlists, advanced mixing tools, and extra audiobook listening hours. The service is also set to introduce a personalized feature named “Your Sound Capsule.”

Based on information from inside the company, this higher-cost tier is expected to be priced at $19.99 per month and will offer options to filter one’s music library by mood, activity, or genre. The source also noted that additional filtering options like vibe and beats per minute have been included.

Additionally, the Superpremium service will offer between 20-30 hours of audiobook listening, exceeding the recently announced 15 free hours included with Spotify’s standard Premium subscription.

Interestingly, a feature previously known as “Soundcheck,” which provides insights into your listening habits, has now been rebranded as “Your Sound Capsule.” This feature could be an extension of Spotify’s “playlist in a bottle” concept launched earlier this year.


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