Vox Hopes Criminal Plus Subscriptions Equals Profit


Vox Media’s true-crime podcast, Criminal, is introducing its first-ever subscription product called Criminal Plus. The subscription offers different tiers, including monthly and annual plans, providing listeners with bonus content, exclusive merchandise, and ad-free episodes.

Criminal Plus aims to deepen engagement with the show’s creators, Phoebe Judge and Lauren Spohrer, while the regular weekly episodes remain free and ad-supported. The new product will be launched on June 23rd and will be available through the show’s website.

While this is the series’ first foray into subscriptions, Vox Media has taken this route with several of its podcasts. It follows Vox’s recent aggressive digital audio push, recruiting several public radio podcast execs.

“After 10 years we are very excited about this next step for Criminal,” say Criminal co-creators Phoebe Judge and Lauren Spohrer. “Our aim with Criminal Plus is to give subscribers and fans an inside look at how Criminal gets made.”


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