Vox Media Pulls Another Executive From Public Radio


Lillian Xu has been appointed as the Executive Director for the audio business at Vox Media. She joins Vox Media from New York Public Radio, where she served as the Senior Director of Strategy and Business Development. In her previous role, she led the strategy and business development team, overseeing partnerships and growth initiatives for popular podcasts such as Radiolab and the New Yorker Radio Hour.

Lillian’s responsibilities at Vox Media will involve leading strategic initiatives, franchise expansions, partnerships, and overseeing business operations for the Vox Media Podcast Network. Before her work in public radio, Lillian worked as a management consultant at Oliver Wyman’s Digital practice.

This is the second major podcast division acquisition that Vox has nabbed from public radio. In May, NPR’s Miranda Kennedy joined Vox as the executive producer for the company’s flagship daily news podcast and radio show, Today, Explained, after developing Up First.


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