Miss This Social Media Platform & Miss Podcast Fans


YouTube is rapidly becoming a podcast destination, with weekly audio consumers consistently citing it as their most used platform. Next, unsurprisingly, is Spotify, then Apple Podcasts in terms of popularity. The number four platform, though, is a big surprise.

Earlier this month, Cumulus Media and Signal Hill Insights released the Podcast Download Spring 2023 Report, providing detailed insights into the preferences and behaviors of podcast consumers. The study, conducted by MARU/Matchbox, surveyed 608 weekly podcast consumers in April 2023, focusing on platform preference, content trends, brand safety perceptions, and more.

According to the report, Facebook emerges as the fourth most used platform for accessing podcasts among consumers. Facebook actually ties with Google Podcasts for 5% market share. This data comes even after Facebook discontinued its dedicated podcast service last year.

Notably, among those who started listening to podcasts in the past year and the 18-34 age group, Facebook’s usage as the primary podcast platform is even higher, reaching 9% and 8% respectively.

So why is Facebook so popular with podcasts? It’s most likely due to hosts or shows sharing links to other platforms on Facebook, prompting consumers to click and listen. Plus, the social media platform allows hosts to interact with listeners directly.


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