Spotify Teasing Offline Expansion For Playing Music


The massive music streamer may not require a signal to stream anymore – or might at least provide a backup for those in low-data areas. Spotify is developing a feature called Your Offline Mix to address the reliance on an internet connection for streaming music services.

This feature would automatically create a playlist based on a user’s recent listening history, ensuring they have music to enjoy even without an internet connection. While Spotify has not provided many details about the upcoming feature, CEO Daniel Ek tweeted about the development saying it was “a mix of recently played songs for when the user’s connection is low but their vibe is high.”

Currently, there is no information on when Spotify users will be able to try out Your Offline Mix or whether users will have customization options for this feature, nor is it specified whether it will be limited to paying subscribers or available to all users. Spotify Premium already allows subscribers to save songs to their smartphones and devices for offline play.


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