History Repeats Itself In Maddow’s ‘Deja News’ Podcast


MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has launched a new podcast called Rachel Maddow Presents: Deja News in collaboration with her longtime producer, Isaac-Davy Aronson. Deja News aims to examine the historical context of events to better understand their significance and implications for the present.

The six-episode podcast begins the series with a lesson on a little-known riot in Paris in 1934, that draws parallels to the January 6 riots in Washington DC. The second episode will explore Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ conflicts with woke politics and the LGBTQ community, drawing parallels to events from nearly six decades ago.

Maddow’s previous podcasts, Bag Man and Ultra, also delved into historical subjects, showcasing her interest in history as an explanatory tool. New episodes of Deja News will be released every Monday, with each episode examining different historical incidents and their relevance to contemporary issues.


  1. Love the Rachel Maddow Show. Very knowledgeable . When you are on it’s like we are in school. So educational. Thank you Ms Maddow. 🙏🏾❤️


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