The Kimmer Returning Full-Time On Atlanta Airwaves


Atlanta talk-radio staple Kim Peterson is bringing The Kimmer Show back to radio starting June 5. Dickey Broadcasting Company News/Talk XTRA 106.3/1230 (WFOM-AM) is bringing The Kimmer and sidekick Pete Davis in as the new weekday afternoon hosts.

The Kimmer has spent decades broadcasting in Atlanta at WGST-AM, WSB-AM, and then-WYAY, which parted ways with Peterson after the frequency was sold to EMF and became WAKL. Since 2019, The Kimmer Show has been a podcast with a condensed best-of-the-week version airing on Saturdays on WFOM.

WFOM Content Director Tug Cowart said, “As our listenership grew, the demand for a local afternoon show grew. Our social media and phones all asked for the same thing, The Kimmer Show. How could we go any other route? A local and iconic Atlanta talk radio voice and what our listeners wanted from us. It’s the way these decisions are supposed to made.”


  1. Dear Kim Peterson,

    Since you left AM radio years ago, I must have been living under a rock. I say that because I just became aware that you still have a presence on Atlanta airwaves. YEA !!!!!! — I have truly missed you humor and insight. May the Lord bless your contributions to Atlanta!!!

    One request, please. I have laughed a thousand times thinking about the Christmas song parody “Walking ‘Round in Women’s Underwear.” If possible, would you direct me to a source for that clever rendition?

    Thank you, and may you continue to grace the Atlanta radio space for many years to come!!!


    Haddon Foster

  2. I listened to the Kimmel every afternoon all through the 80’s and it was a refreshing pleasure to hear a real man that wasn’t wasn’t afraid, to talk about important issues and not sugar coat his saccharine opinions. The truth is often ugly but it is still the truth. I’m very happy that he’s back, I sure have missed him and hated having to listen to Mark Arum or other not very talented talking heads. Keep it up Kimmer, glad you haven’t changed. Semper Fi, Jarhead.

  3. This extremely racist rant aired on the Kimmer Show on right wing radio station XTRA 106.3. The host says the majority of black shoot each other. Here is the transcript: “Meanwhile, the black community right now, sorry, but this seems to be majority right now is what happened in Baltimore over the weekend. They show up in block parties and shoot each other. Now, do you see that happening in the Asian community? Kim Peterson, aka the Kimmer, was suspended and eventually fired from his previous job fired for sexist comments about Representative Lucy Mc Bath. His show has been banned permanently from Facebook for repeated violations. Why on earth did they bring this hatemonger back?

    • He has a loyal following of people who don’t take themselves too seriously, unlike yourself. You may not appreciate his humor but many thousands do.
      An arrogant dick? Hardly!


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