Bertram Brings Top Faculty Honor To WRFH

The Intercollegiate Broadcasting System recognized Hillsdale College Radio Advisor Scot Bertram as Best Faculty Advisor during the 2023 IBS Conference.
Bertram is a Lecturer in Journalism and General Manager of the college’s WRFH. Under Bertram’s guidance, Radio Free Hillsdale 101.7 FM has won six national first-place awards from the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Awards.
Bertram also has helped students achieve national honors at the annual CBI Awards and has guided students to multiple first-place awards from the Michigan Association of Broadcasters. In 2019, WRFH was named the MAB College Radio Station of the Year.
“Scot has been invaluable to Hillsdale’s ability to reach a vast radio audience,” said John J. Miller, director of the Dow Journalism Program at Hillsdale College. “He fosters a love for radio in our students and helps them understand the importance of quality journalism. This award is a testament to his dedication to helping our students succeed every day.”


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