Elder Enters California Race, Goes Radio Silent.


The 69-year old Conservative talker joins a list of growing Republicans trying to unseat first-term Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom in a recall election this September. Due to The FCC’s Equal Time rule, Elder signed off his show Monday night while he runs for Governor. He will formally file papers to make his candidacy official at 10am Pacific time today outside the Los Angeles County Registrar’s office.

Elder told the Associated Press he decided to run after witnessing California’s out-of-control homeless crisis, spiking crime rates, looming water and power shortages, and whipsaw coronavirus lockdowns.

On his campaign website Elder says he’s running for Governor because the decline of California isn’t the fault of its people. “Our government is what’s ruining the Golden State. Our schools are closed to both students and their parents. Our streets aren’t safe from rising violent crime or the disaster of rising homelessness. And the scandals of Sacramento aren’t going to stop on their own. It’s time to tell the truth. We’ve got a state to save.”

Newsom was elected in 2018 landslide but faced a recall effort after he closed businesses and schools during the pandemic. He was also seen out at an expensive restaurant with friends during the pandemic without a mask on while his constituents were being told to stay home.


  1. Running for Governor will be gratifying to Larry’s ego, but there is zero chance of a far right wing candidate like Larry getting elected as Ca governor. Far right wing positions like Elder’s, including being against programs to help the homeless, veterans, and the poor are completely opposite the thinking of the California electorate.

    • Yeah, those damned far right wingers trying to steal the governorship from such a nice middle of the road leader for all of California like Gavin “any twosome” Newsom.
      Gavin is only being forced into this recall because those damned far far right wingers have prevented him from implementing all of his great moderate, middle of the road programs to help the disadvantaged (read women and minorities) Californians.

      It’s amazing how those damned far far far right wingers keep interrupting the supreme plans of a salt of the earth, moderate, middle of the road ruler in a state where a Republican can’t get elected dog catcher.

  2. This reminds me of the late Barry Farber, an old fashioned sensible conservative talk show host who ran for political office twice in the 1970’s. During his first attempt for the US Congress a bunch of us college kids were given the opportunity to produce his weekend shows and we were allowed to book guests who were at the forefront of the feminist movement, something modern day conservative talk shows would never permit.


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