Corus Entertainment Launches True Crime Podcast


It’s a different twist for the True Crime category. Corus Entertainment’s podcast network Curiouscast has launched a new investigative podcast Whatever Happened To…?.

Host Erica Vella takes listeners inside stories that despite capturing the world’s attention, seemingly disappeared to the annals of time like Fukishima, The Chilean Mining Accident, Zika Virus, Lac Megantic and more.

Speaking directly to the people affected by these stories, Whatever Happened To…? finds out what’s changed and what’s happening now.

“This podcast really highlights what journalists love to do best; digging deep and getting to know the people at the centre of these stories,” said host Erica Vella.” “I’m incredibly excited to go through these stories with listeners, step by step, and discover what the developments are, learn new things, and get a glimpse into what life is like for the people and communities who have been impacted.”


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